Tim Schou doesn’t need Red Bull. He has more energy than a cat in heat, and stays busier than Santa Claus on Christmas. Do we have to remind you about his successful run at Eurovision, his collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, the fact that he won the Danish version of Splash, his interview with wiwibloggs in Copenhagen or his forthcoming album, which involves work in both Copenhagen and Los Angeles? No, we didn’t think so!

“This week is an awesome week for me and my fans,” he said in a special newsletter over the weekend. “A lot of stuff happening and it is actually a pretty good example of how I’m trying not to settle for anything and insisting on making ALL my dreams come true.”

Celebrate Tim Schou’s birthday online

Tim Schou Flounder Little Mermaid
Tim Schou is currently playing Flounder in the Disney musical “The Little Mermaid” at Copenhagen’s Royal Opera House

Tim celebrates his birthday on Sunday, July 20—and he’s inviting all y’all to an online party hosted on stageit.com at 11:05am BST. All ticketholders will receive a free secret song after the show—it’s never been released!—and there are special rewards for the five biggest tippers. The biggest tipper chooses first, the second biggest tipper chooses next and so on. Here are the rewards, as laid out by Mr Schou:

The Birthday Call: I will call you on your next birthday and sing for you. (If I’m too busy that day I will make a birthday video for you instead)

Private Skype serenade: I will sing your favorite song only for you on Skype right after the show.

The Selfie: You will receive a selfie of me with a special message for you + a free ticket for my next stageit show.

The SHOUTOUT: I will give you a shoutout on Twitter + a free ticket for my next stageit show.

The Surprise: If you choose this, you will get a surprise.

“And don’t forget that all your support and tips goes to recording music for you,” he adds. “It helps more than you know. THANK YOU!”

Supernova Video Release

Tim will also be sharing his official video for his latest single “Supernova”. We’ve already reviewed it here, and we know you’re gonna want to see the video that goes with it. Tim doesn’t do have-baked y’all. He only drops it when it’s hot.

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