Donatan & Cleo’s “Slavic Girls” is the gift that keeps on giving. Ahead of Eurovision it spawned a series of parodies within Poland, which continue to rack up Youtube views (in the millions)., a popular Polish web site covering culture and society, has analysed five of these parodies, and we are pleased to share them with you now. You can read’s full analysis here. But for now, here is an abbreviated take.

Skeczów Meczacych: Gravediggers Edition

Views: 2.08 million

Lyrics: “We gravediggers arrive when you do not work, When you do not move what your mama gave you, This is our cold blood, This is our cemetery shape.”

Pole dancing with a shovel, dancing with coffins and showing off your man boobs—it’s all in a day’s work for these gravediggers!

Kim Lee: Vietnamese-Polish Drag Queen

Views: 30,000

Lyrics: Same as the original

Kim Lee is neither Slavic, nor is she a girl: She’s actually a drag queen from Hanoi, Vietnam. Lee’s parody problematizes notions of gender and ethno-national identity, suggesting that you can “perform” both. That’s deep, y’all.

V-Unit: Comedic Rappers

Views: 8.1 million

Lyrics: “We Slavs know how vodka affects us, I always eat everything my mom puts on the plate, This is the turbulent blood, This is the call to brawl.”

With more than eight million views, this male take on “Slavic Girls” is far and away the most popular. Entitled “Men’s Answer,” it replaces cooking and traditional dance with bodybuilding and heavy drinking. We could get into that.

Szopienice Fire Station

Views: 2.09 million

Lyrics: “We know how to fire up the beasts, the acoustic fritz, This is the fireman’s blood, this is the siren sound.”

It’s getting hot in here…and not because of Cleo’s boobage. It’s because the firemen at Szopienice Fire Station have pulled out their hoses and are dancing in front of the firehouse.

Juliusz Slowacki High School in Chorzow

Views: 300,000

Lyrics: “This is our ‘Slowacki’ blood, this is our intelligence…”

Students of Juliusz Slowacki High in Chorzow look at “how the school works on them”. According to, it reads “like a slightly juvenile anthem of exclusivity.” Nice moves!

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7 years ago

I love Cleo and “Slavic Girls” to pieces (absolute hit song in this year’s contest), but these parodies are atrocious and lame as hell, sorry.