Cast your minds back to 2010: the Eurovision Song Contest was in Oslo and the Norwegians seemed to be on a good thing with classical singer  hottie Didrik Solli-Tangen and his empowering ballad ‘My Heart Is Yours’.

Except then he bombed on the night (so many sad faces…not least his own…) and Norway tumbled violently down the leader board after winning the year before in Moscow. 20th place and only 35 points was a far cry from the record-breaking result Alexander Rybak achieved in 2009.

Didrik didn’t let that get him down though. He’s released multiple singles since appearing at Eurovision and two albums in Norway.

Now he’s set to co-host Skal Vi Danse, the Norwegian version of the international Dancing with the Stars television franchise, based on the original British show Strictly Come Dancing, which is shown in 42 territories around the world and was globally the most popular television program across all genres 2006-2007.

The Norsk Melodi Grand Prix winner confided to TV2 that he’s been practicing his lines in bed for the live shows. He won’t be hosting the 2014 season of Skal Vi Danse alone though: former host Katrine Moholt who won the first season of Skal Vi Danse way back in 2006, is returning to the show.

Fingers crossed Didrik’s hosting gig is better received than his Eurovision entry was (you’ll always be in Team Wiwi’s heart Didrik…)!

Sources: Eurovision.Tv, BBC, TV2

Photo Credit: Seher.No

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Ranting Ruby
Ranting Ruby
9 years ago

So sad to see such amazing talent reduced to “hottie” status: just listen to “My Heart is Yours” again – he has a beautifully controlled but emotive voice, perfect pitch (I assume, starting a cappella), impressive range and fantastic hold of those lo-o-o-o-ong notes. C’mon, Didrik – get into some serious opera and show us what you’re made of!

9 years ago

Really nice for Didrik! I wish him the best of luck, I know he’ll do a good job. 🙂