Tooji has gone filthy on his new song.

Though it’s not clear why the central hook of the song focuses on the double entendre complicit in a ‘cocktail’.

Though the opening quote may focus on a theme of girl power and feminist empowerment, lyrically the song is fairly pedestrian swag-and-club-boy Scandipop.

“We be rollin on a street night, pump that stereo,” Tooji beckons through the refrain and over the top of the pulsating synths.

In a way the song is very non-Tooji.

It’s devoid of the falsetto that has been one of his trademarks since ‘Stay’. Likewise it shirks ‘Rebels’ preference for sweeping dance and substitutes it for an intense and very in your-face brand of dance instead.

‘Packin Guns’ in retrospect is something of a precursor to this. It’s just the the ‘cock-tail’ hook rather than commentary on gun rights is the controversial plat du jour here.

It is sad that the vulnerability of ‘If It Wasn’t For You’ isn’t in evidence here and the fact that the falsetto has also been lost. That’s not to say ‘Cocktail’ isn’t enjoyable – it is – but it doesn’t feel like the Tooji we know and love.

The Tooji of ‘Rebels’ commanded attention but not because he was womanising around a night club…he commanded your attention because he was singing a pretty stellar piece of Scandipop.

Let’s just hope the next single sees a softer side…

Rating: 3.5/5

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9 years ago

What a crappy music video. I understand what he was going for, but it really distracted from the song. Tooji, show us your moves.