Max Jason Mai and Nae6 may have different names, but both are creations of Miroslav Šmajda — Slovakia’s Eurovision 2012 singer. He may have come last with his heavy metal entry Don’t Close Your Eyes in Baku, but he’s sticking to his guns — and working that instantly recognisable voice — on his latest track ‘Rising Angels’.

This release marks the debut for Nae6, the new band he is fronting. If the single offers a taste of what’s to come on their album, then fans are in for a real treat. ‘Rising Angels’ starts with a soft piano intro that rapidly ascends into a heavy metal jam session. It’s textured, haunting and somewhat eerie. The relatively calm and slow verses give way to a screecher of a chorus that smacks of anger and pain. The bridge offers brief repose before the shrieks return.

Even though this is just a lyric video, it’s done well. The shadows of etchings on gritty walls add to the eeriness of it all. This isn’t meant to be mainstream, which may explain why it’s so brilliant.

Nae6 — “Rising Angels” lyric video



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9 years ago

WOW! a roller coaster ride of unmitigated rage and redemption…glorious!