He’s one of Latvia’s biggest pop stars and he’s quickly making a name for himself in Russia.

And on August 26 hunky singer Markus Riva turned the volume up on his career yet again with the release of another sizzling music video for the Russian-language track “You’re In Love”.

On first glance you may think the video nods to human trafficking, as we see Markus and a band of shackled beauties escaping from a truck and struggling for freedom in a sand pit. But the video actually re-imagines a Hollywood classic.

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Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Markus explained that the video re-interprets the final scene of “Zabriskie Point”, a 1970 American film directed by Michaelangelo Antonioni.

The film captured the spirit of 1960s American counterculture and has found cult status for its cinematography.

“The director wanted to show an explosion of love, what love is, and how it feels to be in love,” he says.

It looks as though no expense was spared in this cinematic wonder, which sees Markus flying through the air, striking a pose and getting very friendly with a lady friend.

Markus, who nails all of his angles, filmed the video in Kiev with acclaimed director Alan Badoev.

Alan, you’ll remember, gave us the gem that is Markus’ “Take Me Down” video and he’s previously worked with Eurovision performers including Polina Gagarina, Sergey Lazarev, Loboda, Mariya Yaremchuk and others.

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7 years ago

Nice video. There are currently about 20 Latvian artists, bands extremely popular in Russia, including Intars Busulis, Brainstorm and many others. Love to see how people from different nations collaborate despite politics and borders.

7 years ago

Alan Badoev also worked with Lara Fabian for her album + film combination “Mademoiselle Zhivago” back in 2013. That man knows how to make striking music videos for well known Russian singers.