Natia Todua is a Georgian-born singer with a Cinderella story. Grew up in Gali — currently in the Russian-occupied territory of Georgia — she sang from an early age but never had any formal music training. As an adult she tried her luck on The X Factor Georgia and The X Factor Ukraine — without much luck. But then, while working as an au pair in Germany, she entered The Voice of Germany…and won it all.

And now Natia is getting back in the singing show game and is making a run for Eurovision 2018. She will sing “My Own Way” at Unser Lied für Lissabon — Germany’s Eurovision 2018 selection. The song comes from Swiss songwriter Ricardo “Richy” Bettiol, Canadian songwriter Martin Gallop, Dutch songwriter Loren Nine Geerts and German songwriter Jaro Omar. Talk about building bridges!

You can listen it on February 20th, but before you do be sure to check out what Natia had to say to our Georgia correspondent Rezo Mamsikashvili on the eve of the competition.

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Natia Todua Interview

Hello Natia! Congratulations on making the top 6 in Germany. How do you feel about that?

Hello, thank you. I’m very happy and feeling great.

You tried your luck on The X Factor Georgia and The X Factor Ukraine without much luck. Do you have a positive memories of those experiences?

Yes of course. Those were very important life experiences. I also met a lot of interesting people and musicians in these competitions and I think that’s very important too.

You were a huge fan favourite in those contests, but then got eliminated. How much did that hurt?

Now I see this differently. Of course it wasn’t easy for me but still — it was a great experience!

You then moved to Germany, where you eventually decided to participate on The Voice again…and won. How did that come about?

I think The Voice of Germany was the biggest and maybe also the last chance for me. I’m really very grateful. Now I can make music in real life and it’s a big surprise for me.

You have an interesting look. How would you describe your personal style?

I like my style because it’s a little bit crazy just like me. Sometimes I think that my style resembles childhood emotions — that’s why I want it to always be free and colourful.

You’re now in the race to sing for Germany at Eurovision. Georgian fans were surprised, but are also really excited. What do you make of all this?

I’m thankful that I have this chance. I want to thank Germany for supporting my music career, for the big love I receive and for this overall big opportunity. I want to give my best!

How did this come about? Did you reach out to NDR?

There was a committee that chose 4,000 musicians from Germany. Then they decided the Top 150, then the Top 20, and finally the jury selected 6 finalists and I am among them. I am very lucky!

Germany has endured some pretty bad results over the last few years at Eurovision. Can you raise the bar?

I will give my best. I have no idea what will happen on February 22nd but if I go then I will try my best to fight with all my possibilities, opportunities.

What about your song “My Own Way”? What can you exclusively tell us about the song?

This is my first own song. It’s very modern and I think it’s somehow new for me too because I sang more blues, rock ‘n roll, jazz, and soul in the past. This song is modern — it’s pop but it will be a mix for all and the lyrics are very important to me because they are about my life and experiences. I think a lot of listeners can relate — there are up’s and down’s in everyone’s life.

Up-tempo or mid-tempo?

I think it’s more up-tempo. But let me surprise you.

Will there be choreography on stage?

It will be performed with real emotion. Singing live in front of people is something special and also something I need because it fills me up with freedom.

You have five competitors in the contest. Who do you see as your biggest competitor?

All of them are really interesting artists and everyone has different and wonderful talents. That’s why I can’t say who’ll be the biggest competitor.

Have you managed to speak to any Eurovision contestants from the past for advice?


Who are your favorite singers at Eurovision or outside of Eurovision?

Nina Sublatti was my favourite singer from Georgia at Eurovision.

Will you make another attempt at Eurovision if you don’t succeed this time?

We’ll see when the time comes.

Finally, do you have a special message for your fans and followers on

Thank you for this interview and your interest in my music. Whatever will happen, in the end everything will turn out great! Peace, love and rock ’n’roll for you and don’t forget — no music no life!

Thank YOU Natia, Best of luck!
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6 years ago

Omg I love this
Thank you Rezo

6 years ago

To everyone who’s interested, I already listened to “My Own Way” and it’s a better song than “Perfect Life” for sure but it’s still nothing extraordinary. I also feel like there is a disconnect between verses and chorus, the verse is very dramatic and then we have the playful chorus with bells ringing etc (felt a little bit like Christmas) Of course Natia is a great singer an maybe she can make a difference with the live performance but so far it doesn’t look like she will get the ticket to Lisbon

6 years ago
Reply to  DasEurovision

Do you have a link?

6 years ago
Reply to  Christopher

Tonight 00.00 it will be released. All the German songs

6 years ago
Reply to  Christopher

I don’t want to post anything as it probably isn’t legal to share this content but I can give you the lyrics of the chorus:

Chorus: Here I come paving my way,
down a road of great mistakes
sudden times and lucky breaks
I’m making my own way
Step by step and day by day
down the road of my own fate
burning bridges like my way
I’m making my own way

7th heaven
7th heaven
6 years ago

I like her natural look, leave your hair alone, don’t torture it.

6 years ago

Will you be reacting to all German songs as soon as they get released? 🙂