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It’s still a long wait until Eurovision season kicks back into gear again. So, here’s some new (and new-ish) music releases from past artists to help tide you over until the national finals kick off again next winter.

Kasia Kowalska “Alannah (tak niewiele chce)”

At Eurovision 1996 she performed a power ballad while her last release “Aya” was more rock inspired. And for her most recent single, Kasia Kowalska is switching genres once more.

She’s been one of Poland’s biggest music stars for more than two decades, so a little reinvention is essential. This time, she opts for country. “Alannah (tak niewiele chce)” or “Allanah (I Want So Little)” sees the “Chcę znaċ swój grzech” songstress sing of her wish to live in the moment, “To stop the time / To feel the power of ordinary moments… / Let the summer wind put restless dreams to sleep /I want so little”. It’s unclear from the translated lyrics as to who exactly Allanah is. Although she doesn’t appear to be another woman like Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”.

Ilse DeLange “Lay Your Weapons Down”

One woman who is well adept at country is Ilse DeLange. She utilised the genre to bring the Netherlands its best result in decades at Eurovision 2014, and her most recent solo releases continue to taste of Americana.

“Lay Your Weapons Down” is a mid-tempo number, in which Ilse flies the flag for forgiveness. It’s all for the sake of love. “Lay your weapons down / And I’ll take my armor off / Say what we need to say / And love before it’s lost”. The music video illustrates the story in rewind, beginning with a couple taking stock after a massive argument before journeying back to their days as high school sweethearts.

Amber “Power”

In Vienna, she was the “Warrior” that got slayed in the semi-finals. Her empowerment anthem may have just missed the mark at Eurovision, but that hasn’t stopped Malta’s Amber coming up with another one – “Power”.

Lifted off her 2016 album Redemption, she dropped the official video in April. The song itself is highly potent. “We got the power deep within”, she sings. Occasionally, a male voice joins her – almost Big Brother like. Together with a music video filled with imagery of world and religious leaders and key moments from history, the single leaves a lasting and thought-provoking impression.

Aram MP3 “VER U VAR”

He brought Armenia one of its best results ever with the oh-so-serious “Not Alone”. But arguably, Aram MP3 is at his best when he leaves his serious-side at the door. Most of his post-Copenhagen singles have been more light-hearted, and “VER U VAR” (Up And Down) continues the trend.

The fun number lets Aram and the listener go crazy through the power of music. It’s a simple story told to great effect in the accompanying video which sees a boy come across a set of extra-terrestrial headphones. Madness ensues.

Nicole Cross feat. Frans “Loving U”

He was the breakout star of Melodifestivalen 2016, breaking Swedish Spotify records on the way to a Eurovision top five finish. But since “Liar” landed last summer, Frans has been rather quiet musically. Or at least he was up to June, when he featured on German singer (and occasional Lena collaborator) Nicole Cross’ “Loving U”.

The track is typical Frans – cool, almost spoken pop. However, unlike “If I Were Sorry” Frans’ motives are actually sincere this time “And everything you do, do, do do do, do / Has got me loving you”.


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ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
ESCFan2009 (male, 22, German)
5 years ago

Ilse is such a great artist! Her version of Jolene with the German BossHoss is a masterpiece…

5 years ago

wow, kasia kowalska hasn’t changed at all in 22 years after ESC’96…she was my favourite back then

5 years ago

Let’s review this bunch. Ilse’s song is not something I listen to, it’s nice, but quite boring. I wouldn’t change the radio station if this came up though. The video is great:) I don’t like Amber’s song, No Neverland was way better. This one sound cheap, and video is cheap as well. Nothing really positive here, except the nice message. I LOVE Aram’s song, it’s so fun and light. The video translates the message so good, it’s such a good idea, and even though it’s in Armenian the message is really easy to understand. Frans’ song is a nice pop… Read more »