Sometimes one person just isn’t enough. We’ve had a number of killer groups take to the Eurovision stage, including duos, trios, quartets, quintets and sextets. They can often become some of the most memorable and loved acts of the contest.

So for this new music roundup we thought we’d take a look at the new tracks from three of our favourite Eurovision groups: Serebro, Mandinga and Naviband.

Serebro – “Пятница” and “Притяженья больше нет” (with Maxim Fadeev)

The current trio may be disbanding in February 2019 before an entire new line-up continues on, but that hasn’t stopped the outgoing formation of Serebro, Russia’s Eurovision 2007 act, from releasing a number of tracks over recent weeks. The girls showed us their rapping abilities on “На Лицо” (“On the face”) and “Пятница” (“Friday”). The music video for the latter sees the girls taking the party to a TGI Fridays restaurant, where they make sure that everyone is having just as much of a good time as they are, as they sing: “Let them drop this Friday / We do not care, today we will melt / Let them drop this Friday / We do not worry that our money is spent”.

The video also references a number of events that have happened in Russia over the past year. This includes two people impersonating a supposed Russian gay couple by the names of Petrov and Boshirov who are looking for a place to go on holiday. Sitting behind the two men, Olga Seryabkina, the only original member of the Eurovision girl-group remaining, handily suggests the English city of Salisbury (we’ll let you join the dots together; see 2:22 in the video for the reference).

For Притяженья больше нет” (“There’s no attraction anymore”) the girl-group returned to producing some scintillating vocal harmonies. The song sees them teaming up with fellow Russian singer Maxim Fadeev, who is also the group’s producer and manager. Dark and moody, the song has a surge of energy in the chorus that prevents it from becoming too monotonous and hits you with a wave of emotion even if you don’t understand the Russian lyrics. Translated though, the song talks about how a relationship just isn’t working anymore and the two people involved need to head in their own directions: “One hundred steps backwards, quietly on toes / Fly, my soul, don’t stay here / One hundred steps backwards / There’s no attraction anymore”.

The music video takes a literal approach to this message, with the Russian trio all walking backwards throughout, as they slowly take off certain items of clothing. The “Song #1” hit-makers eventually all end up with Maxim on a cold, windy rooftop where they begin to levitate, perhaps as their ‘attraction’ to the Earth even begins to fade.

Mandinga – “Soy de Cuba”

It may be winter (unless you’re down under), but Mandinga are here to bring back those summer vibes. In November the Romanian group released “Soy de Cuba” (“I’m from Cuba”). Full of Latin flair, the song is a touch more hip hop than some of their previous releases, and see’s lead vocalist Barbara Isasi rapping throughout. Naturally the lyrics talk about being from Cuba and keeping the party going  as the rum keeps flowing: “The rumba does not stop and we continue / all night long…I bring you the mint with the rum rum / I’m from Cuba Cuba Cuba”. The accompanying music video is nothing particularly remarkable for this type of song, and sees the “Zaleilah” hit-makers taking this party to the streets and rooftops.

Naviband – “Adnojčy i Nazaŭždy”

The latest single from Eurovision 2017 fan favourites Naviband is “Adnojčy i Nazaŭždy” (“Once and for all”). While the track still has the traditional Belarusian elements that we’ve come to love the group for, the chorus is also decidedly more synthesised than we’re used to hearing from them. That’s certainly not a bad thing. Indeed it’s great to see their versatility, and this song is perhaps more likely to appeal to those who haven’t got on board with some of their previous releases. The lyrics talk about uncertainty, and how one thing you say may come true tomorrow yet other things remain a mystery that you don’t understand: “We stop and fly / not knowing where…All that you say / It will soon become true / Who will now be the last / Why you are sad tomorrow / It remains a mystery / We do not understand yet”.

So, what do you make of the latest musical offerings from these three groups? Do you want to see any of them return to the Eurovision stage? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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5 years ago

I should mention that Serebro’s song with Maxim is not their original song, the original song is sang by Ukrainian group Via Gra and V. Meladze, but I prefer version by Serebro 😀

5 years ago

The new song from Naviband is amazing. It sounds so light and free. In English, this could be an international hit 😛 .

5 years ago

It all looks great! I can’t wait to hear of more songs.