They won our hearts with a lovely performance in Kiev in 2017. And now it’s time for fans to win theirs. NAVIBAND have been recording new music since March, and they’re almost ready to release it to the world. But they need your help. This is your chance to show them some love.

It’s been a year since the ESC 2017 finalists from Belarus eased us into the autumn with two new tracks. Now they’ve announced a new album scheduled for November 2019, and they’re depending on their fans’ generosity to release it.

ATENTION to all our listeners from another countries?We add instructions in English and you can support our New Album…

Posted by Naviband – Belarus on Monday, September 2, 2019

The crowdfunding for the new album started a week ago and is set to end October 21st. And depending on the amount you give, you’ll get a very special thank you.

The lowest donation you can make is about 2 EUR, for which you will receive a personal thank you on the band’s Instagram account. The higher your donation, the crazier and greater your reward — whether it’s a trip around Minsk with the Belarusians or a private concert from them in your kitchen (yep, it’s real). You can see all the details on their Facebook page.

According the crowdfunding page, the album will consist of 10 songs. Some of them will be in the Russian language, and some will be in their native Belarusian. Two months ago, Naviband unveiled a surprising lead single to build some hype. The single’s name is “Galileo” (we also got flashbacks to ESC 2004), and you can listen to it here.

Fans gave mostly positive feedback on that one. The song shows the drastic change in style that the band plans. It’s a shift from their usual folk rock style to an out-of-the-box indie pop sound. The band said the songs on the album feature — wait for it — dozens of different instruments. They used Roland synthesisers as well as electric pianos to produce some new fun tracks, and we can’t wait to hear them!

The producer of the album is the YUNA award-nominated Vitaly Telezin, who previously worked with the likes of Tina Karol and The Hardkiss. Consequently, we expect this album to have a professional studio sound, rather than a stripped-back one. If you’re just as impatient as we are, feel free to support the Minsk-based sweethearts so they can finish their album.

How do you feel about the band’s style change, and what do you think we can expect from the album? Will you help them make it happen? Tell us in the comments section below!

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A random russian guy
A random russian guy
4 years ago

They are such a nice band!

4 years ago

Oh, I am so torn! I love Naviband but I have no money! They were one of my favorites from 2017 and I like the new song – they always leave me feeling happy and uplifted and I love the scenery from their videos – if it is Belarus, they have some lovely countryside there! I wish them all the very best and I hope the album gets released.

Åri Agam
4 years ago
Reply to  Kosey

Feel free to share their crowdfunding on social media. Every kind of help counts!