He’s the Balkan balladeer who took Montenegro to its first ever Eurovision grand final in 2014. Since then, Sergej Ćetković has written numerous beautiful ballads such as “Zar Je Kraj” and “Oci Nikad Ne Stare”. Recently, he released his latest, titled “Pusti Probleme” (“Forget Problems”).

The track is slightly different to his previous offerings, with a laid-back Mediterranean vibe. In fact, our gentle giant is assisted by none other than Who See, the Montenegrin hip-hop duo who represented their country at Eurovision 2013 – just a year before Sergej.

Written by Sergej himself, “Pusti Probleme” encourages us to slow down, enjoy life and forget our daily problems for a moment. The message is aided by a combination of pop and hip-hop sounds with a Mediterranean twang. Beaming with positive energy, Who See provide a rap verse towards the end of the song.

Segej Ćetković (feat. Who See) – “Pusti Probleme”

In the music video, we see the singers enjoying the simple things in life and relaxing in the Mediterranean sun. They head out boating on the water and even spend time grilling fresh fish outdoors – a popular pastime.

All of this was filmed in the epic old town of Kotor in Montenegro. With its charming old buildings and the breathtaking bay, it makes for an ideal setting for the relaxing vibe the song is trying to achieve.

Sergej explained more about the meaning of the song at the time of its release in an interview with online magazine Antrfile:

The message of this song is that for a moment, we have to stop this fast pace of living, step back and think about the priorities in our life. We need, as much as possible, devote time to ourselves and the people we love, forget all the problems and focus on the things that make us feel good. We should surround ourselves with the right people, enjoy life, slow down and use every moment for something that makes us happy. Even if it is just an unforgettable day by the sea together with friends and family.

It doesn’t mean that all the problems will disappear, but we have to find the balance and maintain optimism, the positive way of thinking, laughter and always look on the bright side of life. We need to believe that everything will be good. We should not stress about the things we cannot change as we may not notice the important things in our life. Often it can be healthy to say: “Let it be!”, pack your suitcase, turn off the phone and dedicate some time to yourself and the people you care about.

What do you think of Sergej’s new song? Do you want to see him collaborate with Who See again in the future? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Jack Pricefield
Jack Pricefield
4 years ago

My 2 favourite Montenegrin entrants, would love to see them team up for ESC, RTCG should really consider it!