Spain’s most recent Eurovision representatives — except Amaia and Alfred — have gathered during a special show to sing from their balconies.

Eurobalcón (Eurobalcony) is a digital concert hosted by Spain’s Eurovision commentator Tony Aguilar. Blas Cantó, Miki, Manel Navarro, Barei, Edurne, Ruth Lorenzo, El Sueño de Morfeo, Pastora Soler, Lucía Pérez, Daniel Diges, Soraya and Junior Eurovision 2019 participant Melani all took part.

You can watch all of their performances on the  RTVE web site. 

Each one of them will perform their Eurovision entry and the show is expected to last for approximately 50 minutes. Right after that, at 20.00 CET, RTVE will air the Eurovision 2009 final. The Spanish broadcaster plans to air every contest since 2004 daily on their website until May 15.

It’s a wonderful gesture to help bring the nation together during very trying times.

What to expect from Eurobalcón?

Every singer performed their Eurovision entry. According to the broadcaster’s release, Blas went for an acoustic version of “Universo”, while Ruth Lorenzo sang “Dancing in the rain” accompanied only by the piano.

On the other side of things, Edurne performed “Amanecer” with choreography. In Vienna, her stage show included Giuseppe di Bella… we’d hoped her husband, Manchester United player David de Gea might have joined her!

Pastora Soler went a cappella for her “Quédate conmigo”, while El Sueño de Morfeo “reunited” to sing “Contigo hasta el final” from different cities and different countries.

Manel Navarro used his guitar for “Do it for your lover”, and Daniel Diges performed “Algo Pequeñito” with his piano. What’s harder to imagine is how Miki, Barei, Lucía Pérez or Soraya will perform their entries, which included high levels of choreography. Watch to see how they did it…

Did you watch Eurobalcón? Who is your favourite recent Spanish act? Which version did you enjoy most? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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4 years ago

All great, but Ruth Lorenzo was amazing!

4 years ago

Ruth Lorenzo nailed it for me.