She’s the alter ego of Swedish singer Molly Sandén and Sigrit’s voice on the soundtrack to Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

And now My Marianne is very much a name of her own, winning plaudits for her emotional delivery of “Husavik” — the standout track in the Netflix Eurovision movie.

On Monday she kept the good times rolling by releasing an acoustic version and music video of the song. Filmed around the time of sunset, Molly stands on a rock outcrop overlooking the sea. She’s bathed in pastel reflections, which work well with her jade-coloured jacket. She also nods to her support of the LGBTQ community with rainbow earrings that release a golden shower of jewels. Shine bright, my queen!

Writing on her Instagram account, she said: “So we made a little video for my favorite song atm, at the dreamiest location I know, with one of the best @pontusperssonn.”

Producer and songwriter Pontus Persson has worked on songs for countless Swedish stars including Måns Zelmerlöw (“Fuego”, “Time” and “Grow Up to Be You”) and Oscar Zia (“Din” and “Det Går Aldrig”).

Öland is the second largest Swedish island, and sits just off the country’s southeastern coast. It’s known for its sweeping views of the sea, which are on full display in the music video, and for its limestone plains. It’s also home to old wooden windmills, some of which date to the 1600s.

Twenty-four hours after its release, the video has already amassed more than 75,000 views and left commenters breathless on YouTube. DJ Squirtnasty writes: “Her voice is so perfect and the song is so well mixed. Truly wish the best for her and her team! I will be rewatching Eurovision tonight when I get home again! Such a positive and uplifting experience!”

Evo Ive said: “Just rewatched Eurovision again last night with friends. This song still brings a tear to my eyes no matter how many times I hear it. Molly’s voice is what makes the movie so impactful — there’s so much feeling with each word sung. Thank you Molly for sharing your gift with the world.”

Are you loving My Marianne’s latest version of “Husavik”? Does the song still give you all the feels? And what do you think about the music video? Let us know your thoughts down below!