Every year, Swedish Eurovision LEGO artist Alexandro Kröger interprets the song contest in LEGO form. But this year he’s also turned his talent to the Netflix film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga — with hilarious results.

The LEGO version of the Netflix film is a faithful retelling of the film, starting with the origins of Fire Saga and ending with the group’s homecoming gig. And in between there’s Söngvakeppnin, Eurovision rehearsals, the song-a-long, the semi-final and dramatic grand final.

But it’s the details that make the LEGO version of the film so compelling.

The LEGO version takes time to revisit the acts in the Icelandic national final, where Lars and Sigrid hope to realise their Eurovision dream, but we also check in with acts like the alternative R&B of 21st Century Viking. We meet LEGO versions of all the other competing acts from the Eurovision show, including Swedish rapper Johnny John John and the Greek vixen Mita Xenakis.

The viral star of the film also makes an appearance. Icelandic Fire Saga fan Olaf Yohansson turns up in LEGO form to angrily demand “PLAY JAJA DING DONG!”.

And we were super excited to even see wiwibloggs Editor-in-Chief William Lee Adams made an appearance. LEGO William is depicted in the commentary booth, excitedly declaring that Iceland has made the grand final.

William is even wearing the iconic wiwibloggs t-shirt with a pink W. Work that brand, honey!

Eurovision 2020 in LEGO form

For some years ago, Alexandro Kröger has been painstakingly producing LEGO versions of previous editions of Eurovision. Check out his YouTube channel to explore the past decade of Eurovision in miniature.

But even with Eurovision 2020 cancelled, there was still a LEGO version of the song contest that never was.

As well as creating versions for semi-final one, semi-final two and the grand final, there’s also a round-up of all 41 competing acts.

It’s a way of imagining how the song contest might have looked. There’s a faithful replica of the 2020 stage and all the acts perform snippets of their songs. Sometimes it’s based on national final performances, other times it’s a creative interpretation.

We’ll be seeing the same stage again as it’s being used for Eurovision 2021 — and of course many of the class of 2020 will be returning to finally have their moment in Rotterdam. And, of course, we’ll eventually see them in minifigure form in next year’s LEGO version of Eurovision.

What do you think? Do you prefer the LEGO version of the Eurovision film? Is the LEGO version of Eurovision 2020 a good substitute for the cancelled contest? Tell us your thoughts below!

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3 years ago

This is not about the article but do not know where to write it otherwise.
Eurovision site

The people who run the site have completely disappeared and the latest article there is from 16 July 2020.

It is strange and the site has been around for many years.
Something must have happened to the people who run the site.

My Tears Are Getting Sober
My Tears Are Getting Sober
3 years ago
Reply to  Daniel

woah that gave me goosebumps

unless it is you

Nicola Darby
Nicola Darby
3 years ago

He’s done Lego versions of most of the contests! The 2018 one is particularly good – he has Estonia spot on!

William Lee Adams
3 years ago

He’s very talented! I love the attention to detail (like the flaming arms).