She’s the Armenian-Greek singer who was set to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2020. Although that didn’t end up happening following the contest’s cancellation, Athena Manoukian is not letting that stop her from continuing her music career. She’s now released the music video for her latest single “You Should Know”.

Fans of Manoukian will mostly know her for more upbeat dance and pop songs. However, with this latest release, she’s switching things up and delivering her first ballad.

In a press release, Athena notes that she originally wrote the song in 2016 alongside Mark F. Angelo before it was then produced by DJ Paco. While she has performed it previously in her live shows, she has long wanted to release a music video for the track, and that day has finally come.


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Following the song’s release last week, the music video adds some extra storytelling to the single. The clip is full of drama and passion as the star tries to overcome a toxic relationship.

The press release notes that Athena cried a number of times on the the day of the video shoot as she got into the song and inside the role.

Athena co-directed the MV with Greg Stoikos and was also co-creative and art director.

Athena Manoukain – “You Should Know” (Official Music Video)

Lyrically, the dynamic and powerful ballad that deals with a love story between two people. Speaking further about the message behind the song, Athena says:

“One of them is really hurt about the treatment she/he gets out of this relationship. It’s like she/he’s writing a letter to her/his loved one, explaining how she/he feels. Its meaning is deep as the song’s conclusion is to love and respect ourselves and never stay in any toxic relationship where there is no love, respect and understanding. We should stay strong, keep our head up and know what we are worth. We should know how to save our soul.”

Athena Manoukian at Eurovision

Athena Manoukian was chosen to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2020 with the song “Chains On You”. Unfortunately, the contest was cancelled due to the precautions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

There is still no official word on whether Athena will be selected to return for Eurovision 2021. Armenian broadcaster AMPTV  has not yet said anything about their plans for the contest this year in Rotterdam.

What do you think of “You Should Know”? Would you like to see Armenia select Athena with a similar song for Eurovision 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 months ago

Still waiting on that confirmation…

3 months ago
Reply to  Neil

Part of me worries that it is to do with resource or travel problems even though she was probably agreed in principle a while ago, and will undermine the quality of her entry – or force this to be, even though if she wants this song to represent Armenia, she deserves what is best for her. I want an upbeat rnb song about her life since summer 2018 and with even some Armenian, because I see so much potential in Athena in Chains On You mode, and Armenia aren’t great with vocal and lyric reliant ballads as the Srbuk disaster… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Leo