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As we delve deeper and deeper into the digital age, social media is now an integral part of the Eurovision experience. Many contestants post updates and engage with their fans via Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. And one Eurovision star from Iceland showed us some incredibly creative uses of all his platforms.

We’re pleased to announce Daði Freyr is the recipient of wiwibloggs’ Vision Music Award 2021 for Best Use of Social Media!

Our readers voted Daði their favourite out of six shortlisted candidates.

Daði Freyr wins Best Use of Social Media at the Vision Music Awards 2021

We asked our readers to vote for the Eurovision 2021 act they thought made the best use of social media. And it’s Daði Freyr who took home the gold with 1,360 votes — that’s 29.01% of all votes cast.

The Berlin-based megastar knows his way around social media. Before releasing his Eurovision 2021 song “10 Years”, Daði took to Twitter asking for fans to submit their vocals as part of a choir section on the track. The result? An enormous, thousand-person choir featuring the voices of Eurovision fans across the globe!

Daði Freyr also used social media to launch an innovative new project that took his music worldwide.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many musicians postponed and cancelled their tours in line with health and safety restrictions.

But Daði came up with a solution. On his Road2Rotterdam tour, fans could use their mobile devices to project virtual reality videos of Daði and enjoy a special concert from the comfort of their own home.

Elsewhere, the Eurovision 2021 third alternate keeps on top of fan engagement at all times. He regularly shares content from fans recreating his “10 Years” and “Think About Things” dance routines, as well as gameplay videos of the Think About Aliens! video game and fan art from all of his admirers.

Hats off to Daði Freyr for his incredible social media game!

Our readers awarded the social media silver medal to San Marino’s Senhit. The “Adrenalina” songstress kept us all on our toes as we eagerly anticipated updates from her on Instagram and Twitter, yearning to learn more about her Eurovision collaboration with Flo Rida. In our poll, Senhit received 28.86% of all votes cast — earning a grand total of 1,353 votes.

Rounding out the top three was Germany’s Jendrik. The ukulele-playing jokester kept us entertained for weeks with his ‘Eurovision Song Contest Diary Time’ series. Jendrik posted TikToks and Instagram reels of his journey to Eurovision, checking in with fans whenever he was travelling for rehearsals, or trying to track down fellow Eurovision stars in his city. In our poll, the “I Don’t Feel Hate” singer picked up 1,049 votes — that’s 22.38% of the total vote.

Poll results: Who should win the Vision Music Award 2021 for Best Use of Social Media?

  1. Iceland: Daði Freyr — 29.01% (1,460 votes)
  2. San Marino: Senhit — 28.86% (1,353 votes)
  3. Germany: Jendrik — 22.38% (1,049 votes)
  4. Australia: Montaigne — 8.3% (389 votes)
  5. Ireland: Lesley Roy — 7.7% (361 votes)
  6. Denmark: Fyr og Flamme — 3.75% (176 votes)

Total votes: 4,688

Vision Music Awards 2021

This award is just one of 14 awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2021 (VMAs).

Our 14 categories — from Best Dressed to Best Use of Social Media — identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

Click here to see the remaining categories, and stay tuned to find out the remaining Vision Music Award winners!

Do you agree Daði Freyr had the strongest social media game? Who else deserves an honourable mention? Sound off in the comments below. 

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2 years ago

Sorry for off topic. We’ve landed in Reykjavik for holidays today. Driving in the rented car, listening to something called Topp ton list and guess what’s playing, Blind Channel’s Eurovision song. I love Iceland

2 years ago

Here I voted for Lesley, Jendrik and Montaigne but now that I think about it, Daði deserved it more… Yes, Jendrik, Lesley and Montaigne wrote some wholesome and funny tweets and Jendrik especially is cheering me up every time on TikTok and insta but Daði literally had EUROFANS make a little choir. This has never been done before in the contest!