Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2022 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 37

Pam Rabbit (feat. Ben Cristovao) – “We’re All Gonna Fly”

Ben Cristovao and Pam Rabbit competed against each other in ESCZ 2020. Whilst it was Benny that emerged victorious and went onto Eurovision 2020 2021, the two Czech artists don’t have any ill will and have teamed up for the new song “We’re All Gonna Fly”. An indie rock offering, the pair discuss the process of growing up and finding your place in the world: “I’m still just a kid learning how to live / Mum said ‘it takes time to figure it out’ / This life is more than lust / It’s family and love, my friend / Don’t waste your time”. The music video starts with Pam Rabbit in school. She then crashes a fancy gathering with Benny and encourages the attendees to let go and party.

Hadise – “Coş Dalgalan”

Hadise is channelling the aura of Poseidon in her new single “Coş Dalgalan”. The song and video have been created in partnership with PUBG MOBILE, a battle royale mobile game. “Coş Dalgalan” is a dramatic track with a rich musical accompaniment in the chorus that would provide a suitable soundtrack to a player’s endeavours in the game. The lyrics also take on an almost warrior theme, with Turkey’s Eurovision 2009 star singing “Flowing further / Fear without fight / Today is my day”.

Jala Brat – “Film”

Jala Brat has perhaps achieved a new music roundup record by being featured in five consecutive weeks. The Bosnian star has now dropped one of the last songs from his new album Futura. “Film” sees the Eurovision 2016 rapper comparing his life to a movie, acknowledging that he overworks himself but still puts on a brave face to the public: “And I didn’t choose this, I almost demolished myself / I haven’t slept peacefully in too long / My life is a movie, but I act like DeNiro”. The accompanying video features a man who’s down bad – first he’s stuck in a burning car and then he almost drowns – but the onlookers just stand and stare instead of helping.

The final track on the album yet to be released is “Adrenalina” (not featuring Flo Rida).

Nigar Jamal – “Hara Gedirsən”

“Live as you please. But try not to be without love, nor half … Because a person is only human if they love.” Nigar Jamal hopes we can all have love in our hearts, and she goes after her own love in the lyrics of her new single, “Hara Gedirsən” (“Where are you going”). The Eurovision 2011 champion proclaims “I love you like crazy!”, but questions why her partner is drifting away from her. Musically, it’s a slow ballad that combines traditional Azeri instrumentation with more contemporary drum machine beats.

Lea Sirk – “Zgodba Za Dva”

Lea Sirk recently competed in Slovenian televised music festival Popevka. This year was the 44th edition of the contest in which singers perform previously unreleased songs entirely in Slovene. Lea entered the 2021 contest with “Zgodba Za Dva” (“A Story For Two”), a bright pop track that brings together melodic strings and a funky guitar accompaniment. The song resonated with viewers at home, who voted Lea into second place. Popevka 2021 was won by EMA alum Raiven, who sang “Volkovi”.

Ferman Akgül & Begüm Tarako – “İrin”

Ferman Akgül, lead vocalist of Turkey’s Eurovision 2010 group maNga, has collaborated with Begüm Tarako for the new song “İrin”. The latter starts proceedings off with a delicate vocal line over atmospheric electronic beats. Things build before Ferman appears around halfway through, adding some dynamism with a strong sung-rap interlude.

Ester Peony & Sasha Lopez – “Tatoué”

Romanian singer Ester Peony has teamed up with Moldovan music producer Sasha Lopez for a new song. However, the international theme goes further as Ester sings entirely in French. “Tatoué” (“Tattooed”) sees the Eurovision 2019 alum discussing how she’s still clinging to a previous relationship: “My name is tattooed on your hand / My heart is caught in your past”. Ester is trying to escape though, as she knows this other person doesn’t treat her well: “You managed to take all my happiness / And you regret nothing, you regret nothing”. Musically, the song doesn’t take on traditional French elements, but instead utilises a strong ethnic post-chorus instrumental section.

Anna Bergendahl & Tyler Rich – “Bottom Of This Bottle”

Since making her comeback to Melodifestivalen in 2019, Anna Bergendahl has continued to have a country influence in much of her music. This continues with her latest single, “Bottom Of This Bottle”, but it has the added extra of being a duet. The Eurovision 2010 star has collaborated with American country music singer Tyler Rice. Anna and Tyler deliver a steady track in which they hope to gain a magical epiphany from some liquid courage: “Maybe I could find a solution to the problems / If I just get down to the bottom of this bottle / Well then, maybe I won’t feel a thing”. However, when the pair reach the end, they realise it doesn’t lead to the solution they were hoping for: “Now I got down to the bottom of this bottle / I’m king / But it just don’t solve a thing”.

PAENDA, KTEE & Vida Noa – “Boys 4 Breakfast”

How do you like your eggs boys in the morning? PAENDA is serving up a plateful of female empowerment with her new single “Boys 4 Breakfast”. The Eurovision 2019 star sings alongside KTEE and Vida Noa for this sassy pop track. Lyrically, the three of them warn any suitors what they’re in for should they continue the pursuit: “Kiss me once and you’ll never go back / Kiss me twice, have a heart attack / Kiss me three times, four times, five times, ah / I eat boys like you for breakfast”. The accompanying music video features PAENDA, KTEE and Vida Noa leading a man on who attempts to pursue all three of them – seemingly ignoring the rule of ‘don’t play with your food’.

Mumiy Troll – “Передвигая вещи”

Mumiy Troll are paying tribute to Alexander Dyomin, a rock musician from Vladivostok who would have celebrated his 60th birthday on 17 September 2021. As part of a tribute album to Dyomin, Russia’s Eurovision 2001 band have released two covers of his songs. One is “”Слишком долго здесь” (“It’s been too long here”). Of the cover, lead singer Ilya Lagutenko noted that “The song turned out the way we probably would like to play it then, if it were a Mumiy Troll song”.

The second song is “Передвигая вещи” (“Moving things”), which Mumiy Troll have covered in an acoustic fashion.

Soraya – “Soy esa mujer”

The 13th September was a special day for Soraya as she celebrated her 39th birthday in addition to releasing a new single. Spain’s Eurovision 2009 participant gave us the anthemic, orchestral ballad “Soy esa mujer” (“I am that woman”). Soraya sings about accepting herself for who she is, including the faults she might have: “I am that woman, the one who cries, the one who laughs / That lies, the truest of all / The one who wins, but she knows how to lose”. The music video features a number of women looking at themselves in the mirror and being happy with what they see. However, Soraya noted on Instagram that the theme of the song is also applicable to those who don’t identify as female:

“This theme is made with a simple intention, to send a message of self-love, acceptance and self-esteem, internal strength … for everyone, Men and women. It is time to believe in ourselves, to accept ourselves with our strengths and weaknesses, to embrace ourselves and be happy.”

Max Mutzke – Wunschlos süchtig

Following recent singles “Beste Idee” and “Dieselbe Sonne”, Max Mutzke has now released his new album. Titled Wunschlos süchtig (Desirably addicted), it contains 13 songs that generally blend together soul, pop and indie styles. Though, “Königreich” also sees Germany’s Eurovision 2004 singer bring in some 80’s synth-pop fun. And we wonder if “Einfach Astronaut” was inspired by his win on Germany’s version of The Masked Singer as the Astronaut.

Red Moon – “True Connection”

“If there was a true connection / I’d remember / And if there was a true connection / We’d remember”. Norway’s Red Moon sings about the “True Connection” that forms between people in true love, and that’s lacking between those who aren’t. The Eurovision 2015 star keeps things simple with the production and delivers a calm piano ballad that allows her voice to take the spotlight. “True Connection” is the final song from Red Moon’s new EP Phase 2:22, which was released at the same time.

AHTI (feat. Aksel Kankaanranta) – “Matkustaja”

Aksel Kankaanranta features on the new single from Finnish rapper AHTI. “Matkustaja” (“Passenger”) is an R&B-pop song that has an emotional pull. Aksel has always been good at tugging on heartstrings with his singing, and the Eurovision 2020 entrant does so again here with the chorus. AHTI delivers a series of rap verses in between.

Amina – “Tu joues si bien”

Eurovision 1991 runner-up Amina has released “Tu joues si bien” (“You play so well”). Driven by guitar and drum, the instrumentation has a passion to it that the French-Tunisian singer adds to with her breathy vocal line. Although not specifically a tango song, you can still imagine two people undertaking an impassioned dance to the the music.

Eric Papilaya – “Getting Pretty Loose”

Eric Papilaya is letting loose with his new single. Austria’s Eurovision 2007 star has dropped “Getting Pretty Loose”, a funky pop song. There’s a clap beat running throughout that aims to get the listener onboard. Eric sings “Get down, get around / It’s getting pretty loose / This is what you wanted / Said it’s getting way too loose in my head”.

Alyona Lanskaya – “Наше счастье одно на двоих”

Alyona Lanskaya celebrated her 36th birthday last week. At the same time, she released the new single “Наше счастье одно на двоих” (“Our happiness is one for two”) . It’s a steady pop song with the slight dark twist to the production that is a staple of the Belarussian/Russian music scene. Lyrically, Belarus’s Eurovision 2013 star says her heart is aching to be loved: “Our happiness is one for two / The heart greedily wants love / We have neither mine nor yours / We live long ago between two worlds”

Dan Ar Braz, Bagad Kemper & Jean Pierre Riou – “Breizh”

Dan Ar Braz is the founder of L’Héritage des Celtes, the Pan-Celt group that represented France at Eurovision 1996. More recently, he’s collaborated with Breton pipe band Bagad Kemper and singer Jean Pierre Riou. They’ve come together for the song “Breizh”. Bagad Kemper are the main focus of the song, with an increasing amount of pipes being added to the instrumentation over the course of the track – the Pied Piper would be jealous.


Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Nina Kraljic (Alkonost of Balkan) finally released a music video for her song Rijeka:

2 years ago

My picks from this week: Ester Peony and Alyona Lanskaya

2 years ago

i have a feeling raiven has prepared her most amazing song yet and is preparing to come snatch the victory at EMA 2022… it is her time and raiven will be slovenia’s representative in 2022 i am calling it now

2 years ago
Reply to  sam

I hope you’re right, because so far she’s only given Samanta T?na vibes imo

2 years ago
Reply to  Luc

samanta tina is great but shes no raiven, that girl is one of the best things to come out of slovenia ever

2 years ago

All I have in my head right now is —- if I get down to the bottom of this bottle….

redmoon is amazing as well… x

2 years ago

Pam Rabbit for Eurovision 2022 pls! She’s amazingggg

Cem Yildiz
Cem Yildiz
2 years ago

1- Title of Ferman Akgül’s song means “pus” in English. He sings “we are surrounded by pus”(bad, evil, sick things)
2- It is hard to translate the title of Hadise’s song. The title is a call to herself to “get up, get crazy with joy, get crazy like sea waves…”