Last seen on our screens in 2018, Malta Eurovision Song Contest returned with a bang on Thursday evening for the semi-final show. And while we saw performances of varying quality from 22 acts, we didn’t actually learn who has qualified for Saturday’s grand final.

Instead, the 16 qualifiers will be revealed during an MESC at 21:00 CET tonight, Friday. Maltese viewers can vote for their favourites throughout the day, as phone lines will remain open until the evening. And you can have your say too! Watch all the semi-final performances below, and then vote in our poll.

Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022: Semi-Final performances

Aidan – “Ritmu”

Janice Mangion – “Army”

Nicole Hammett – “A Lover’s Heart”

Sarah Bonnichi – “Heaven”

Denise – “Boy”

Mark Anthony Bartolo – “Serenity”

Richard Edwards – “Hey Little”

Francesca – “Rise”

Miriana Conte – “Look What You’ve Done Now”

Giada – “Revelación”

Baklava ft. Nicole – “Electric Indigo”

Norbert – “How Special You Are”

Raquel – “Over You”

Jessica Grech – “Aphrodisiac”

Derrick – “II”

Matt BLXCK – “Come Around”

Nicole Azzopardi – “Into the Fire”

Rachell Lowell – “White Doves”

Emma Muscat – “Out of Sight”

Malcolm Pisani – “We Came for Love”

Enya Magri – “Shame”

Jessika – “Kaleidoscope”

Flash Poll: Who should qualify from the MESC 2022 semi-final?

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2 years ago

I’m living for the titles Malta gave to the videos

Kåre Eriksen
Kåre Eriksen
2 years ago

Honestly cancel the final and please send Jessica Grech with Aphrodisiac. She’s such a guilty pleasure

2 years ago
Reply to  Kåre Eriksen

There’s a part of me that would be curious. It would be memorably bad on every level – vocally bad, lyrically bad, instrumentally bad, ect. Probably an assigned 41st place, but… it might be a memorable one. Today everyone is discussing Leto svet, Luta e alegria or Cry Baby, while forgetting some technically much better songs. IDK… it would be *a choice*. 🙂

Joke aside, Nicole, Emma, Aidan or Derrick should go, but this is a wicked idea (for theory, not practice, lol). 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by Colin
2 years ago

In the order of performance:

  • Aidan
  • Janice Mangion
  • Nicole Hammett
  • Denise
  • Mark Anthony Bartolo
  • Richard Edwards
  • Francesca
  • Miriana Conte
  • Norbert
  • Derrick
  • Matt Blxck
  • Nicole Azzopardi
  • Rachel Lowell
  • Emma Muscat
  • Enya Magri
  • Jessika

My personal winner is Nicole Hammett, but I see why Emma and Aidan lead the poll. They are both great. Despite some vocal imperfections towards the end, I’d really like to see Derrick in the finals.

2 years ago
Reply to  Colin

I am wondering are they the top 16

2 years ago

aiden and emma r obvs the only ones worth putting through at this point
i think i prefer emma, just because im sick of cowboy themes/dance numbers at this point (plus the ra-tata ritmu hook isnt my favourite) but the verses are good and the maltese language is great and so is aiden and the chorus when he isnt singing over the top
emma is obviously wonderful the only problem is that it might drag on a bit for some ppl

Last edited 2 years ago by oscar
2 years ago

Another poll?

Anyway… the earlt favorites still remain today´s favorites.