Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 34 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 2 here.

The Busker – “Thinking About You”

The Busker got all of Europe dancing at Eurovision 2023, and now they’re following the experience up with the new single “Thinking About You”. The Maltese group deliver a cheerful number that will no doubt put a smile on on many listeners’ faces. Naturally, there’s some fun sax riffs in amongst the percussion and other digital production. But there’s only really one proper verse and chorus — the rest of the song just lets loose and allows the positive vibes to sprout. 

Ben Cristovao & Annabelle – “LAJF”

Ben Cristovao’s new single takes inspiration from his own “LAJF” (“LIFE”). The Eurovision 2021 contestant collaborates with fellow Czech singer Annabelle for the mid-tempo pop track. On social media, Cristovao spoke more about the the life experiences that shaped this particular song:

“Some texts I write for fun and vibe, some are from life. I don’t know how many people are in this, but those who know me a little bit know how much the first straw cuts. I worked so hard this summer that I saw my family once and in the evenings I spent my free time going back to work. […] Wake up from the beginning of this song, and I’ll take something myself.”

Zlata Ognevich & Bez Obmezhen – “Народжені вільними” (494k)

Zlata Ognevich dropped a new song for Ukraine’s Independence Day on 24 August. The Eurovision 2013 star has teamed up with the band Bez Obmezhen for “Народжені вільними” (“Born Free”). The result is a pop-rock track all about the resilience of the Ukrainian people to fight for their right of a free country: “Do you hear us? / Born free / Born strong / Do not stop / You crossed the line / And the dam has already been broken”. In a press release, Zlata went into further detail about the message they want to portray with the song:

“This is a song about us: free, strong and invincible. It is about those Ukrainians who will never put up with injustice and will always fight for their freedom, will go to the end for the sake of Independence.”

Blind Channel – “DEADZONE”

“Everything around is dying / Tell me why we keep on trying / Living in a DEADZONE”. Blind Channel are ready to kick the can and are questioning the point of continuing on considering all the travesties that occur on a daily basis. The dark lyrics match the gritty nature of the song, which is another great example of the Finnish band’s violent pop music style. The accompanying video is based on a true story: the Eurovision 2021 group are having a musical battle but things end in a chaotic manner after a “Karen” calls the police on them.

Blas Cantó & YADAM – “El Perdedor”

Spain’s Eurovision 2021 artist is joined on his new duet by YADAM, a Paris-based singer who was raised between the USA and Venezuela before moving to France when he was 18. “El Perdedor” (“The Loser”) sees the pair delivering a stripped-back percussion-led song, which Blas Cantó describes as “what we wanted to say to our last crush and never could”. Blas and YADAM sing of the pain they felt when their previous relationship fell apart: “I cried for you / Tearing my soul to pieces / I’m singing with my heart / I can’t continue anymore / Why not take into account the one who suffered”.

Ilse DeLange – “Quiet”

Ilse DeLange may be letting her voice sing, but when it comes to her relationship she’s keeping “Quiet”. The Dutch star has become tired of the fights she and her partner constantly experience, so she’s taking a moment to let things settle: “It’s unlike you, it’s unlike me / To keep quiet, quiet / And I can’t believe, that you can’t believe that / This is never what I wanted / This is not where I wanna be”. On her Instagram profile, the Eurovision 2014 silver medallist spoke more about the theme of her latest single:

“Being quiet can be a very hard thing to do sometimes…but when everything simply gets too loud around you, it’s often better to not speak and wait till the storm passes and people are also willing to listen again…”

Monokate & Go_A – “Vorozhyla”

Ukrainian band Go_A, led by vocalist Monokate, have shared a song for the new film Довбуш (Dovbush). It’s a historical movie about the Ukrainian outlaw Oleksa Dovbush, who robbed the rich and protected poor villagers in the Carpathian Mountains. “Vorozhyla” sets the scene for the theatrical release with a powerful and suspenseful musical production that Monokate elevates further with her vocal line: “As I told you / Everyone feels fear / At the moment when the path disappears / Heaven is waiting for a sign / He knows that everything is wrong”.

Jarecki feat. Kasia Moś – “Za Pierwszym Razem”

This is the third time that Eurovision 2017 star Kasia Moś has joined forces with Jarecki. The pair’s latest collaboration is the suave mid-tempo track “Za Pierwszym Razem” (“For the First Time”). The song looks at the need to keep relationships fresh and prevent the intimacy from fading after years of the same thing. The Polish duo hope to rebuild their partnership to feel like they’ve only just met: “I love you for the first time / Full-time / Then I try, but wrong / We’ve got the groove again, we’ve got the melodies”.

Oleksandr Ponomaryov, ALEKSEEV, Taras Topolia & Mykhailo Khoma – “Миліша”

“Миліша” (“Darling”) was originally scheduled for release in March 2022, but it was delayed due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and Eurovision 2003 act Oleksandr Ponomaryov wasn’t sure whether the song’s theme of love was appropriate for the current situation. But during a meeting with one of the country’s military commanders, they encouraged Oleksandr to release the track “because we have a lot of divorces in Ukraine now, and there need to be more weddings”.

Oleksandr is accompanied by Eurovision 2018 star ALEKSEEV, Vidbir 2023 judge Taras Topolia, and lead singer of the band DZIDZIO, Mykhailo Khoma. The quartet come together for a classical ballad with acoustic guitar and strings. They sing about how they will only ever have feelings for their one true partner: “I walked among people and learned to read them / I looked into their eyes and felt their hearts / There are so many beautiful girls in the world / But I love my darling”.

Max Mutzke – “Komm, wir träumen uns zusammen”

Max Mutzke recently published his first children’s book, titled Komm mit ins Paradies der Träumer (Come with me to the paradise of dreamers). The German singer has now recorded a song to go along with it. “Komm, wir träumen uns zusammen” (“Come on, let’s dream together”) is a mid-tempo track with guitar and cello accompaniment. Should you want a slower version, the Eurovision 2004 star has also released an “EinschlafVerion” (Sleep version) — a piano ballad to help your child drift off into the dream world.

Who See – “Triple Double”

Let’s play some basketball! Montengro’s Who See are hitting the court and scoring “Triple Double” pointers on their way to victory. The Eurovision 2013 duo deliver a two-minute rap song in which they big up their sporting talents: “And when it’s our attack, the boards crack / Pressing right away, I leave nothing to chance / I watch every ball and don’t get lazy / To score them a point from a low post”.

Anna Odobescu – “High on You”

“Hit my love again like it’s something new / Tell me how to make you feel it’s true / I do, I do / Keep on getting high on you”. Anna Odobescu misses her former lover and is hoping to rekindle their relationship. Moldova’s Eurovision 2019 act delivers this message through the catchy track “High on You”. It will quickly have you bopping along.

Maya Sar & Cubismo – “Spremna sam da zivim”

Maya Sar is extending the summer a little bit longer with the new salsa track “Spremna sam da zivim” (“I’m ready to live”). Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Eurovision 2012 representative has collaborated with the band Cubismo for the song — making this Maya Sar’s first official duet of her career. There’s a little bit of Spanish thrown into the lyrics, which discuss starting afresh and focusing on the positive times: “I’m ready to live / My heart leads me into life / I’m leaving the bad years behind / And I remember the good ones”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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10 months ago

My top 2: Anna Odobescu – “High on You” and Max Mutzke – “Komm, wir träumen uns zusammen”

lasse braun
lasse braun
10 months ago

hi there! listen to all songs in both parts – here are my top3. 12 points for “who see”. 10 points for “monokate & go_a”. 8 points for ilse delange. good news also from “lxandra – let it be hope” – after dropped last week from #1 to #2 she has climbed again the #1 postion yesterday (german esc-kompakt weekly top20.) if you like ukraine music with ethnoelements,please check this fresh jointventuresong from nazva & krut (vidbirs runner-up 2023). have fun. 🙂 p.s. to hear again from “who see” after over 10 years is a very lovely surprise. they… Read more »