Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 34 part 2

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 1 here.

Duncan Laurence – “Rest In Peace”

After a little delay, Duncan Laurence’s sophomore album is finally set for release next month. In tandem with the announcement, the Eurovision 2019 champion has shared another of the upcoming LP’s tracks. “Rest In Peace” is an mid-tempo track with a spirited refrain that gives off a similar sing-along feel to that of “Hey Jude” by The Beatles. Lyrically, the Dutch star references an on-and-off relationship he wishes would either become permanent or end: “Wish you didn’t come today / If you’re just gonna leave tomorrow / Bet you’re gonna stay away so long / That I ask myself (“Am I still enough?’) […] Lovе me or let me rеst in peace”.

Tina Karol & Diane Warren – “One Nation Under Love”

The 24 August was Ukraine’s Independence Day. In honour of the occasion, acclaimed American songwriter Diane Warren composed the song “One Nation Under Love”. Diane invited Eurovision 2006 star Tina Karol to perform it, with the pair releasing a version in Ukrainian and another one in English: “When can we be, can we be, can we be one nation under love, under love, under love / Set us free, let us be one nation under love, under love […] Less taking more giving / Less walls more bridges”. Speaking about the anthem, Karol commended on the opportunity to create this song with Warren:

“Working on a social song #OneNationUnderLove, as resistance and as a shield, is my heartfelt calling. It’s more than a track – it’s a mission. I’m grateful to fate for our encounter with Diane Warren. I will never cease and will never tire of being persuasive, of being talented for the sake of the fight that purifies us from the past and defends our freedom! Happy Independence Day, dear Motherland!”.

“Let me drown / I want to feel the bottom / Escape from the waves”. Michał Szpak begins his new song with an intimate confession. Poland’s Eurovision 2016 star hopes to wash away his fear and move his life in a new direction, even if that requires submerging himself in difficulty. “Gaja” is a deep track that builds a dense production to surround the listener as Michał opens his inner thoughts: “The water wants us / I feel her like never before / Everything is sinking / The ocean craves memories”. It all culminates with an instrumental outro.

Mae Muller – “MTJL”

Ahead of her upcoming debut album, Mae Muller has dropped the pre-release track “MTJL” — Maybe That’s Just Life. It showcases a completely different side to the British singer compared to what people saw at Eurovision 2023. A heart-warming acoustic-guitar-driven song, Mae sings about some of the things she regrets and wishes she could do differently. But by the end she realises that our sad thoughts shouldn’t rule over our lives: “I always feel so undeserving, but I deserve a lot / Took some time but now I know I’m not, not just a mess / And maybe that’s just life”. Writing on Instagram about the song, Mae commented:

“this one is so special to me, it’s all the things I wished i’d had done, things I wished I was better at. while being in music has taught me so many amazing things, it has also taught me that i’m good at pretending everything is amazing all of the time. i think subconsciously i got really tired from that and i ended up writing this song and i’m so happy i did. younger mae would be proud i think. i hope it finds you when you most need it because it definitely found me.”

KALUSH – “А ти знала”

“Just you and me, babe / My Bilobrova / I love you, babe / Come sing with me”. KALUSH has dedicated this new single to his girlfriend, Bilobrova. He even released the song on her birthday. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2022 winner includes real-life clips of his partner in the music video for “А ти знала” (“And you knew”), alongside an animated storyline. In a post on Instagram upon the song’s release, KALUSH professed:

“Yo, baby, today on your birthday I want to wish you health. This is the main and only thing I wish you for several reasons. First, because it is one of the main aspects on which happiness depends. Secondly, because health cannot be bought for money. And third and most importantly, because I will give you everything else in this life. Happy birthday, Bilobrova!”

Sarit Hadad – “איפה היית”

Sarit Hadad is not happy with the lack of support from her partner. In”איפה היית” (“Where were you?”), Israel’s Eurovision 2002 representative questions why they weren’t present for her in any times of need, despite that fact she would always show up for them: “Where were you when I needed you / Where were you when I was here for you / Even if in the end you realise that there is no blessing in it / Don’t call me”. Although the lyrics have a sad element, the musical accompaniment increasingly gains traction with an enticing Mizrahi beat.

Daði Freyr – I Made An Album

I Made An Album, declared Daði Freyr on Friday. The Icelandic artist has now completed his new LP with the final four songs. This includes two slower ballads — “Settle Down” and “Trying” — and two upbeat electro-pop/dance tracks — “If You Want To” and “Bitte”. That final track is Daði’s first song in the German language, having picked up the language over recent years since he moved to Germany. It comes with a one-take music video that the Eurovision 2021 star shot in selfie mode. 

Alyosha & Emigrant – “The Power of Ukraine”

Alyosha’s latest tribute to her homeland is “The Power of Ukraine”. The Eurovision 2010 entrant sings the initial verse and first half of the chorus, contributing her sections in English. She’s then joined by Emigrant, who provides some rap elements in Ukrainian. The duo note that the country’s “heroes never give up” and their nation will soon rise up even greater than before the war started.

Vasil Garvanliev – “Jovano”

“Jovano” is a Macedonian folk song. Vasil has now interpreted it in his own way for his latest single. Instead of the traditional folk instrumentation, the Eurovision 2021 singer brings in a mixture of piano, strings and drums to go alongside his vocals. The result is a hymn-like offering that feels almost spiritual.

“The musical is designed as a musical odyssey, which is an interplay between songs and our brothers’ witty reflections on brotherly friendship and traditions, the rainfall of love on the front, the search for a better life.”

And that’s not it. The duo have also dropped the short one-minute track “Mega Cool” to get us bopping along.

Levina – “Let’s Talk”

Levina’s latest song is “Let’s Talk”. It completes the German singer’s new EP, which also features four of her other recent singles. This closing track is an emotional ballad in which the Eurovision 2017 act finally reaches a point where she’s ready to talk about the things that have happened between her and a partner: “You think you’re stronger than me, think you know how it feels / Come on, sit down, let’s talk, I’m ready to hear it / Let’s look at all the fights, I’m ready to feel it”. In a post on Instagram, Levina went into more detail about the song’s creation and meaning:

“This song has been in the making for while. I first started writing the verse on a dark day during lockdown (remember that?!) in my bedroom about struggling with my mental health. When the incredible Madeleine Wood joined me a few months later we wrote the chorus and it’s one of the rare times I got goosebumps during a writing session. When we wrote the lyrics ‘come on sit down let’s talk I’m ready to hear it’ I felt like I was able to accept my struggles & sit with them, instead of judging & fighting against them. Since then the song took on a whole other level of meaning about the importance of having open & honest conversations, not just with ourselves, but with the people & the world around us.”

Noa Kirel – “מחול מטורף”

My Festigal is an annual children’s musical show in Israel that takes place during the Hanukkah school vacation. The 2023 show has the theme “Sing” and features a couple of Eurovision alumni — including this year’s bronze medallist Noa Kirel. Ahead of the live performance later in the year, the songs are being revealed on a weekly basis. Kirel’s was the first to be premiered, with the star performing “מחול מטורף” (“Crazy dance”). She sings about her soul being captured by another person and the desire to be with them: “Want to dance this crazy dance / The blood in me is agitated / It is not over / I want you to ask for just one more dance”.

Harel Skaat – “מי יגיד לי”

Harel Skaat is the other Eurovision alum to be part of My Festigal 2023. His song for the show is “מי יגיד לי” (“Who will tell me?”). It’s a dance bop that’s given extra dramatic flair courtesy of the accompanying strings blended amongst the digital production. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2010 star talks about the walls he has broken down in order to achieve his goals in life: “Why does it matter what I did or didn’t do? / In the end, I got everything I wanted, even if I was wrong / I don’t regret anything / I broke a wall and another wall and another wall and another”. The music video premieres on Monday 28th.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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10 months ago

Maneskin just dropped a new single and sounds really good. Glad to hear new stuff from them^^

10 months ago

Love Tina Karol & Diane Warren – “One Nation Under Love”. The Ukrainian heart and the bond with America.

Maya G
Maya G
10 months ago

Noa Kirel’s song is a cover, it was originally released by Rita (Israel 1990) in 1989 and is one of her biggest hits

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
10 months ago

I love the song ” “Jovano” – sung by Vasil Garvanliev . There is also a beautiful version sung by Esther & Abraham Ofarim from their album 2 in 3. That was the first time that I heard this song a long tima ago.
For who ‘s curious I give you the link: