Prediction: Molly PH, Boris, Isa and Samir & Viktor will win Andra Chansen duels

This weekend, Sweden will decide who will have the last four places in the Melodifestivalen final, as the eight andra chansen qualifiers battle it out in four duels. This week we’ve been asking you who you think should win each of the duels, and the Wiwi Jury have also been having their say. Now it’s time to look at the results and make some predictions.

Both the Wiwi Poll and Wiwi Jury are in agreement. The duels should be won by Molly Pettersson Hammar, Boris René, Isa and Samir & Viktor. SaRaha, who was third overall in the Wiwi Jury with 6.77/10, sadly misses out as the support for Isa is too strong.

The lowest margin in the Wiwi reader’s poll was between Dolly Style and Samir & Viktor. The support for both 2015 alums is strong, with Dolly Style on 41.01% but Samir & Viktor managed to top them with 58.99%.

But will Sweden agree?

Duel 1: Panetoz “Håll om mig hårt” vs Molly Pettersson Hammar “Hunger”

Wiwi Jury: Molly Pettersson Hammar with “Hunger” (7.38/10)
Wiwi Poll: Molly Pettersson Hammar with “Hunger” (66.33%)

Positive: “”I’ll Be Fine” was incredible and “Something Right” was even better, so naturally this was one of the three Melfest 2016 acts I was most excited for. “Hunger” is not quite of the same calibre as those two songs but when her other songs were two of my favourite 2015 songs, even a weaker song from Molly is better than most music in the world.” (Antranig, 9/10)

Negative: “I’ve said this a million times before, but this is basically her song from 2015 with some fire thrown in. Thankfully the heat extends to her sultry vocals and sensuality, which pours out of her like water from a hose. Her hand choreography is on-point and her expressions make it seem like she’s ready to have sex on stage right now with all of you. Notice I haven’t mentioned the song. Molly is great, but the song is just a bit meh.” (William, 4.5/10)

Duel 2: Albin & Mattias “Rik” vs Boris René “Put Your Love On Me”

Wiwi Jury: Boris René with “Put Your Love On Me” (6.69/10)
Wiwi Poll: Boris René with “Put Your Love On Me” (69.17%)

Positive: “This is my jam. I love the updated take on early ’90s Belgian techno-pop, beefed up with Boris’ substantial R&B vocals. He’s a supremely charismatic performer, and brings delicious double entendre to the line “If I go down, are you down with me?” (Oh, stop it!) Yeah, it’s just a dance track and doesn’t have the deep meaning of other Melfest entries, but what a dance track it is!” (Robyn, 9/10)

Negative: “I’m unsure as to why I hate this song so much. I feel a little protective of my country because so many things about both Boris and “Put Your Love On Me” remind me of Guy Sebastian. The performance was low budget. Boris’ song is low on originality. I’d rather have After Dark qualify to andra chansen over this.”(Josh, 3/10)

Duel 3: Isa “I Will Wait” vs SaRaha “Kizunguzungu”

Wiwi Jury: Isa with “I Will Wait” (7.69/10)
Wiwi Poll: Isa with “I Will Wait (78.12%)

Positive: “Blonde teen dance Isa is dead. Moody artiste Isa has taken her place and although “I Will Wait” is 360-degree departure from “Don’t Stop”, it is definitely the more compelling of the two entries. It lets her vocals shine and the song will be an absolute killer for whoever has the misfortune to be drawn against her.” (Angus, 8.5/10)

Negative: “I feel like I should appreciate this much more than I actually do. In fact, with such world-class staging it almost seems wrong to seek fault. But I have issues with Isa. Her vocals are perfect, too perfect. Rather than a dark ballad of heartache and pain, “I Will Wait” comes across more like a stage-school showcase. Isa’s voice is completely unwavering, there’s not even a hint of a tremble or a quiver. She never truly inhabits the song. If she’s not emotionally invested, how can she expect the listener to care? No amount of vocal acrobatics can substitute for the lack of feeling.” (Padraig, 6/10)

Duel 4: Dolly Style “Roller Coaster” vs Samir & Viktor “Bada nakna”

Wiwi Jury: Samir & Viktor with “Bada nakna” (6.31/10)
Wiwi Poll: Samir & Viktor with “Bada nakna” (58.99%)

Positive: “There’s whistling, there’s an EDM post-chorus, and watered down six-packs – it’s heaven. The fun that they have on stage brings me joy – and I think it’s about time Sweden sent something fun. And could you get more Swedish than a blonde and an Arab guy singing about skinny dipping? If they can whip off those trousers, too, when they get to the final, I honestly think this could win the whole thing!” (Edd, 9.5/10)

Negative: “It’s flat, repetitive and generic. The song does nothing at all. They know it and that is why they decided to rely on the naked bodies instead. But this is not how it works! Above all, the song should be good, and bodies can be a nice addition to it. Here it’s clearly vice versa.” (Mikhail, 3.5/10)

Wiwi Jury andra chansen scores

  1. Isa “I Will Wait” (7.69)
  2. Molly Pettersson Hammar “Hunger” (7.38)
  3. SaRaha “Kizunguzungu” (6.77)
  4. Boris René “Put Your Love on Me” (6.69)
  5. Samir & Viktor “Bada nakna” (6.31)
  6. Panetoz “Håll om mig hårt” (6.28)
  7. Albin & Mattias “Rik” (5.14)
  8. Dolly Style “Rollercoaster” (4.63)

This is painting a different picture to the results of the rehearsal audience poll and the betting odds, which indicate that Panetoz, Boris René, SaRaha and Samir & Viktor will be the favourites.

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