The last time Austria internally selected its Eurovision contestant it won it all.

And it seems that the land of Conchita Wurst is dreaming big yet again, as broadcaster ORF has revealed that it will select its Eurovision 2017 act behind-closed-doors in another internal selection.

Over the past two years Austria has chosen its contestant through the televised national selection Wer singt für Österreich?, leading to two very different results at ESC.

In 2015 the Austrian public was in the throes of its Conchita-inspired love affair with beards and selected The Makemakes and their song “I Am Yours”.

Despite their sartorial flair, sexy vocals and flaming piano, the group ultimately finished in last place with zero points — marking a new low for the host nation. What the home audience saw as soothing and atmospheric seems to have come off as boring and bland to a broader European audience.

In 2016 Zoë rocked up to the national final with the French-language song “Loin d’ici”…and an on-stage treadmill.

As she walked through a fantasy land resembling Barbie’s playhouse, she racked up the points and landed a spot at Eurovision.

She threw herself into the promotional tour, making us laugh in Amsterdam, London and Tel Aviv, and totally slayed her semi-final, coming SECOND in the televote behind only Russia (but she only came 11th with the jury).

In the grand final she came 13th overall, finishing eighth with the televote (but only 24th with the jury).

Are you excited that Austria is going to let officials decide behind closed doors? And who do you want to see them choose? You can let us know in the comments section below.

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I would’ve liked a nf, but I’m fine with an internal selection as long we send something great … hope something great, like Conchita. But I think ORF has no Idea, what they should send … :/


I loved wsfo and its messy facebook selection 🙁
gerry+me was robbed and would’ve righteously gotten like third place in the final


Conchita had one of the wurst songs to have won in this decade.Calm after the storm was a million times better.Just my opinion.Not everyone has to agree.Sorry for the pun 🙂 :p

Robyn Gallagher

Either they have someone very specific in mind or they’re not particularly fussed about ESC this year and want to avoid the expense of a national final.


ORF usually fails with their national selection process, which was different every yea. At best they find an act who at least scores well with jury (Nadine) or televote (Alf Poier, Zoe), but not with both.

I guess they have a political message for Kyiv, like they had with their internal choices 2007 and 2014.


Send Zoe again and win it all 🙂

(J)ESC Fanatic

Natalia was robbed!


Man, I hope Austria chooses ZOE again, or maybe Natalia Kelly! 🙂


I’m surprised about this as well, but I think this means they have someone good in mind (or even made a decision already).


I just hope they don’t send another act who will win only for the character…*COFF* Conchita *COUGH* (Not that I hate her or her song. Rise Like A Phoenix is good. But let’s be real, who voted for Conchita only because of the song and not because of her being a drag act? There were songs more good for me that year.)

(J)ESC Fanatic

Why? There were some great songs in their national final this year, like “I’ll Be Around (Bounce)” or “Pieces In A Puzzle”. They think they could win again I guess! 😀

Their 2015 entry was boring and bland indeed and to be completely honest, I’m not too sad it finished dead last with 0 points.

But 2016 was a very good effort. I was shocked when it qualified because I thought it would be another Iceland 2015-like flop but I’m happy it wasn’t. 🙂

Anyway, good luck and let’s hope Austria send another masterpiece, like “Rise Like A Phoenix”. 🙂


I want Wanda. Their song “Bussi Baby” was pure dope!


Quite surprised with this given they had a decent result this year. But, after Conchita, I’m excited to see who they’ve found this time.

Jr esc nl

Great! The austrian nf wasn’t very good songwise so this might be for the better and i’m curious what they’ll come up with.


It’s always exciting when countries that normally do national selections internally select someone. It normally means they’ve got something interesting up there sleeve!


Interesting choice, very anxious to now who they will choose