Falling like snow: Marco Mengoni teams up with Giorgia on “Come Neve”


He’s best known to Eurofans for waving the Italian flag — and working a blue Salvatore Ferragamo suit — at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2013.

And on the first of December Marco Mengoni reminded us why he’s so adored with the release of his new duet “Come Neve” (Like Snow), sung with Italian singer Giorgia.

Working their harmonies and demonstrating major chemistry, the pair sing of love and longing. It has a warm, relaxing beat and revolves around the idea of letting yourself fall down and disappear like snow — without thinking about distractions. But it’s hard, of course, to put on the lights and watch the snow disappear.

Marco Mengoni and Giorgia’s “Come Neve”

Thankfully you can listen to their tune, which is so full of life and light that you’ll be able to overcome any unease. Their harmonies feel natural and unforced. Coupled with that powerful beat — and the beauty of the Italian language — they are helping us push through chilly December as the temperature drops.

Duetting with Giorgia is further testament to Marco’s stature within the Italian music industry, as she is a musical heavyweight who has been famous for decades.

In 1994 she took part in the San Remo Festival and managed to win on her return one year later. She has worked with other incredible artists including Eros Ramazzotti and Andrea Bocelli. Her duet “Vivo Per Lei” with Bocelli remains an evergreen.

Marco Mengoni at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

While Giorgia won San Remo last century, Marco won the contest in 2013. And, following the tradition laid down since Italy made its Eurovision comeback in 2011, he was asked to sing at Eurovision 2013.

With his simple but beautiful ballad “L’essenziale” Marco became a fan favourite and eventually placed seventh in the final.

It was but one step in what has proven to be a rather illustrious career. Since then he has released several new singles and albums in Italian and Spanish. And he also collaborated with 2016 Italian Eurovision participant Francesca Michielin.

Are you loving how their voices come together? Do you love when Marco sings in this genre? And do you remember the interview below? Let us know in the comments box!

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