The bookies said it would be a close one. But for anyone inside the Globen Arena last night for the final of Melodifestivalen 2011, Eric Saade’s victory  must have seemed like a foregone conclusion. From the moment he entered the arena during the parade of contestants, young girls (and grown men) screamed his name, and more than a few folks seemed to have wet their pants.

“Popular” proved an apt title, as the song secured first place from both the international jury and the televoting public.

“This is totally indescribable,” he said after winning with a total of 193 points. “I want to celebrate with the entire population of Sweden.”

Danny Saucedo, the first performer of the night, finished second. Ahead of the contest Swedish newspapers had suggested the In The Club singer posed the biggest threat. Just two points separated them after the international jury votes were revealed, but Eric proved a bigger hit with the public, and ended up winning by more than 40.

Third place went to The Moniker–who qualified out of the second chance round with “Oh My God!”–and schlager star Sanna Nielsen finished fourth with “I’m In Love.”

Here’s a video Wiwi shot inside Globen Arena as the final points were revealed. Eric says a few words, and the audience swoons.

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i love you eriiiiic you are realy beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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