Ukraine, the land of Eurovision legends like Ruslana and creative trainwrecks like Svetlana Loboda, will stage its national selection tomorrow at 12:15pm Ukraine time / 11:15 CET. You can watch a live stream of the contest on

But you don’t have to wait until then to check out this year’s contestants. You can listen to all of the finalists by clicking here. You can also watch the videos of most of the acts below. Unfortunately not all of them are readily available on Youtube.

It’s gonna be hilarious, y’all. The Anna Maria duo are playing the sisterly love card like Slovakia’s TWiiNS did back in 2011. A contestant named Lisa Wassabi is presumably gonna bring some spice to the stage. And Victoria Petryk, a much larger version of JESC 2011 winner Anastasiya Petryk, is throwing down a dance number called “Love is lord.” It’s gonna be HOT. Contestant Natalia Valevska sums up our excitement: “All of your energy is taking me over/ looking so radiant about to take cover.” BRING IT UKRAINE!

Anna Khodorovska – If there is love

Anna Maria duo – 5 Stars Hotel

Dennis Lyubimov – Love

Eugene Litvinkovych – Strelyannaya Bird

Illariya – I’m alive

Lisa Vassabi – No fear

Marietta – It’s my live

Natalia Valevska – Love makes you beautiful

Roman Polonsky – WANTED DEAD or ALIVE

Stas Shurins – Why

Shanis – My Soul

Vladimir Tkachenko – Be where you are

Victoria Petrik – Love is lord

Group “NeAngely” – Courageous

Tatiana Shyrko – Let Go

Tanya Burke – Believe me

Mary Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock

ULI RUD – Tsvetok

Victor Romanchenko – At the edge of the abyss

Anatoly Shparov – Waiting for you

Willy Lee Adams contributed this report from London. Follow him on Twitter @willyleeadams. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following on Twitter and Facebook.

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10 years ago

After having listened to all the songs at least 1 time (some in very poor quality) I can conclude that Ukraine doesn’t have a very strong final. Out of the 20 songs, I think there are only six or seven that I like. It won’t be easy to equal the 3rd place of Zlata Ognevich and “Gravity”. She was my big favorite of Eurovision this year in Malmö.

I hope for a victory for:

Anna Hodorkovska,
Nataliya Valevska,
Tania BerQ
or Victoria Petryk

Good luck Ukraine!

10 years ago

I think that Tatyana is the winner, she has a powerful voice and the song is very good

10 years ago

oops .. 21st, d’oh.

10 years ago

So … checks … 20th at 22:15:00 UTC

Leaning toward Vika based on these.
The audition videos are a bit too rough to judge.

10 years ago

Tatiana Shyrko (not Tanya Shyrko 😛 ) all the way. Viktoria gets a close second place, followed by Uli.

10 years ago

I’ve only listened to a small bunch, so based on that, NeAngely, Viktoria, Tatiana or Uli FTW puhlease. All fierce, all female. I.e. what Ukraine generally like in their Eurovision reps.

10 years ago

Vika Petryk