Pastora Soler will kick off her next tour on 11 January in Cadiz. But you don’t have to wait until then—or fly to Spain—to get up close and personal with the Eurovision 2012 star.

On September 17 Euterpe Music SL published its documentary on the Spanish diva. She discusses her long and successful career, and the moments that have come to define her. One of these moments was meeting Tony Sánchez Ohlsson, the genius behind her Eurovision song “Quédate conmigo”. That means “Stay with me” and he has: Ohlsson has subsequently composed 11 songs for Pastora.

Speaking about her album “Conóceme”, which was released in September 2013, Pastora said she was a bit tired of negativity and pain.

“I wanted positive messages,” she says in the film. “We always sing of heartbreak and make albums full of sentiment that you will hold on to in your sad moments. I wanted an album for those beautiful moments.”

Pastora Soler Documentary

Photo: (EBU)