We are glad to report that Aliona Moon has advanced even further on The Voice of Romania, reaching the semi-finals last night. She performed a dance song this time, “Titanium” by David Guetta feat. Sia, and she blew the roof off that studio.

(If the video gets deleted, try this link.)

Aliona opted for a sexy outfit and curls, and she looked every inch a superstar. At some point, her coach Smiley even said that she has international star potential.

The other coaches praised her performance, but ultimately the viewing audience voted for Gelu Graur, the policeman with a soppy story. However, Smiley saved Aliona once again, propelling her into the semi-finals.

Next time, she will only have to compete with Gelu directly, which doesn’t bode good news, seeing as he was voted by the public twice already. Nevertheless, we wish Aliona good luck and inspiration in selecting a powerful song (what about “O mie”?). We hope that the Romanian Eurovision fans and the general audience will eventually choose the voice over the tearjerking story.

So far, the Moldova Eurovision starlet, who chose to enter the contest with her real name Aliona Munteanu, has performed “Halo” (by Beyoncé), “Say Something” (by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera), and the Romanian 80’s ballad “De-ar fi sa vii” (by Mihaela Runceanu). She has been one of the main favourites to win the trophy, being praised by the coaches and her colleagues alike and receiving constant support from the fans of the show on social media. If you want to encourage Aliona, you can like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

We will keep you updated with Aliona Moon’s evolution at The Voice of Romania. Until then, what do you think about last night’s performance?

Photo: ProTV

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7 years ago

Wow! Her stage presence has grown so much since Eurovision. You can see her confidence building. Awesome performance. Eurovision winner 2016??

7 years ago

Aliona Moon is the best!

7 years ago

It’s kind of the same with TV talent shows here in North America: people will often overlook true talent and vote for people with a sob story. I hope the Romanian public finally realize what a powerhouse Aliona is and vote for her