There’s only couple of more days to go until YLE host a press conference officially introducing the 18 artists of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 2015. But tonight something scandalous happened: the names of artists AND their song titles were leaked through Spotify.

umk uuden musiikin kilpailu spotify artists

The artists include the latest winner of The Voice Finland Siru Airistola, the winner of Tango Festival in Finland and a boyband whose keyboardist was named the hottest guy in Scandinavian pop music.

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 2015 participants

1. “All For Victory” – Angelo De Nile

2. “Loveshine” – Hans On The Bass

3. “Crossroads” – Satin Circus

4. “Mustelmat” – Siru

5. “Aina mun pitää” – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät

6. “Love It All Way” – Eeverest

7. “Ostarilla” – Shava

8. “Sydän ei nuku” – Pihka & Myrsky

9. “Kyynelten lahti” – Aikuinen

10. “Heart of Light” – Opera Skaala

11. “Hold Your Colours” – Solju

12. “Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla” – Järjestyshäiriö

13. “No voy a llorar por ti” – Norlan “El Misionario”

14. “Truth or Dare” – Otto Ivar

15. “Kumbuya” – Ida Bois

16. “Lions and Lambs” – Jouni Aslak

17. “Äänen kantamattomiin” – Vilikasper Kanth

18. “Bon voyage” – Heidi Pakarinen

Whose song you are looking forward to hear the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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9 years ago

Lately Eurovision Song Contest has often been won with press attention and shock value (think of Conchita Wurst). For that reason, I believe choosing Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, consisting of four 40+ mentally retarded men playing punk, could be a very clever trick to do. I seriously doubt it’ll happen. The system of UMK is odd, as were it’s predecessors’. Half of the end result is from the judges (four Finnish music experts), another from the public’s votes. Finns, and specifically the judges, have a tendency to vote for songs that have little to no chance of winning. Dammit, in 2000,… Read more »

9 years ago

Pertti Kurikan nimipäivät will win.
Mark my words!

9 years ago

siru´s(winner of Voice of finland 2014) song is fine… Little boring lyrics but ok.
all these artist r unknown in Finland.

Ok there is one lady Heidi Pakarinen(not related to the Hanna Pakarinen Fin2007) who won Tangomarkkinat (

and Satin Circus have 1 album and couple of single but their music is crap.

9 years ago

So many Finnish language songs, that makes me happy.

9 years ago

Mustelmat is wonderful! I would be very happy if Siru won.