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Prepare your trash bags full of black money – Die Enstscheidungsshow, Switzerland‘s National Final for Eurovision 2016 is happening tonight! Six acts will compete, but only one will take the trophy, and seek revenge for Mélanie René‘s four points.

In recent weeks, our readers have had the chance to vote for their favourites, and after a close competition, Vincent Gross emerged as the favourite with 628 votes, and a 42.58% of the votes, only 53 votes ahead of the Wiwi Jury’s favourite, Rykka, who earned 575 votes and a 38.98%. The latter was the clear favourite with us, receiving a respectable 7.32/10, while Vincent only got 6.18/10.

Switzerland 2016 our favourites

Now, we’ve combined the results of the Wiwi Jury and our poll to offer a loose prediction as to who will be crowned the winner tonight. As the difference between results has only been for a changed position (Rykka was our 1st and your 2nd; Vincent was our 2nd and your 1st), the combined results match those of the poll, as your vote preveals in case of a tie. While the Swiss national final seems to be a two horse race, there are four other acts competing. Take a look at our reactions below:

1. Vincent GrossHalf a smile


The best: (William, 8/10) He wants half a smile and he is going to get it! Vincent’s song is tender and sweet, catchy and mainstream. Yet it retains an unfinished, indie feel. In a complicated world where we are constantly bombarded by bad news and big pyrotechnics, perhaps a simple number like this is what Europe craves. Vincent is a charmer and a contender.

The worst: (Robyn, 5.5/10) The recorded version of this song is a cute, uplifting folk-pop song. Live it’s less convincing, with Vincent’s awkward depiction of a literal half-smile, but I’m not ruling out improvement before the national final. The song’s weakest point is the chorus (“ooo-ooo, ooo-ooo”), which fails to deliver on the potential of the verses. Also – Vincent’s floppy fringe is an attention-seeking diva, threatening to steal the spotlight from him.

Poll: 1; Wiwi Jury: 2

2. RykkaThe last of our kind


The best: (Antranig, 10/10) Call off the national final right now — we have a winner! This is absolutely incredible and I think this could bring Switzerland their best result in a long time. I also think she and Vincent Gross are the only two who could get Switzerland back to the grand final. Switzerland need to send this — Rykka absolutely slays!

The worst: (Robyn, 6/10) Here’s my dilemma – I really like Rykka but I don’t like her song. She’s a great performer with a rich, expressive voice and has great stage presence, but “The Last of Our Kind” is such a let-down. Despite the strong, dramatic opening, the song quickly runs out of ideas and ends up with Rykka singing “We’re the last of our kiiiind” over and over. But it is still the best song in the NF and I’d be happy to see Rykka win it. I’m just not a fan of the song itself.

Poll: 2; Wiwi Jury: 1

3. Bella C – Another World

The best: (George, 9/10) This is a quite lovely song from a very talented artist. The whole thing reminds me Adele’s “Skyfall”. Bella delivers the song in a unique way and especially after the first two minutes, her voice is stunning, making the best of it. The orchestration of the song is also one of the strong parts. I have to say this is one of the best songs in the Swiss final and stands a high chance to win.

The worst: (Josh, 4/10) Bella C is trying to transport us to “Another World” but honestly I’m quite comfortable staying in the world I’m in. I understand that Bella is trying her best to bring all of the drama to the Swiss selection this year, but I’m left feeling like a bottle of Coca-Cola that’s been open for three weeks – flat.

Poll: 3; Wiwi Jury: 3

4. Stanley Miller – Feel the love

The best: (Josh, 5.5/10) I’m a little on the fence with “Feel The Love”. Stanley’s vocals are on fire! Dat falsetto tho. And whilst I understand that he’s a loving homosexual and it’s almost expected for him to sing a song with high camp value, “Feel The Love” is more camp than a tent and a bonfire. I don’t hate the song. It’s catchy and it conveys a positive message. I just want Stanley to tone down on the cheese a little bit – because someone in the audience is bound to be lactose intolerant and I don’t want anyone to have to deal with that.

The worst: (Sopon, 1.5/10) Not gonna lie, the first song this reminded me of is Ping Pong’s “Be Happy”. No decent song would ever remind me of that train wreck. The lyrics are cliche-heavy, and the overall composition of the song is so sugary sweet, it would put an elephant in a diabetic coma. Maybe it would have fared well 20 years ago, but this has no chance today.

Poll: 4; Wiwi Jury: 5

5. Theo – Because of you

The best: (Bernardo, 6/10) I’ve got to be honest — the folk-pop music style is currently dominating my playlist, so it’s no surprise that I quite like this tune. I find it difficult not to compare him with Vincent, but I believe his voice suits this type of song perfectly – actually better than Vincent’s. Is this Eurovision material? I have my doubts. But hey, it worked with ByeAlex. With the correct staging this can be a strong contender.

The worst: (Mikhail, 4/10) He doesn’t care about the people, about the world, about anything! I don’t really care for him or his song. It’s just simple vowing and whining with a guitar which I find very boring. And the cliche lyrics make me sick. An annoying scream for love. Meh.

Poll: 5; Wiwi Jury: 4

6. Kaceo – Disque d’or

The best: (William, 7/10) This reminds me of hot nights and sticky fumblings in Parisian clubs — and that’s no bad thing. It’s crazy, over-the-top and kooky — a refreshing departure for the Swiss selection, which too often leans toward the sterile and clinical. It’s like Zdob si Zdub have been transplanted to Zurich, and I’m feeling it. Is it my winner? No. But am I happy that it’s here? Absolutely.

The worst: (Luis, 0/10) So now sexist lyrics are acceptable at Eurovision? Thank you Kaceo, that’s all we needed! These guys might think that international superstars do little for women’s dignity, but you know what? “Disque d’or” does less. It’s the definition of “degradation” in terms of music, lyrics and performance. Apart from lacking any coherence, these guys have gone too far with their performance. With all this, I’d be very disappointed if they earn more than last place with zero points.

Poll: 6; Wiwi Jury: 6

Die Enstscheidungsshow: Combined results


Die Enstscheidungsshow: Poll results

  1. Vincent Gross – “Half a Smile” 42.58% (628 votes)
  2. Rykka – “The Last of Our Kind” 38.98% (575 votes)
  3. Bella C – “Another World” 7.73% (114 votes)
  4. Stanley Miller – “Feel the Love” 6.03% (89 votes)
  5. Theo – “Because of You” 3.39% (50 votes)
  6. Kaceo – “Disque d’or” 1.29% (19 votes)

Total Votes: 1,475

Die Enstscheidungsshow: Wiwi Jury Results

  1. Rykka – “The Last Of Our Kind” (7.32)
  2. Vincent Gross – “Half A Smile” (6.18)
  3. Bella C – “Another World” (5.61)
  4. Theo – “Because of You” (4.79)
  5. Stanley Miller – “Feel The Love” (4.39)
  6. Kaceo – “Disque D’or” (3.11)

Who do you think will win the ticket to represent Switzerland in Stockholm? Let us know in the comments below!

Die Enstscheidungsshow: Viewing details

Switzerland’s national final will be streamed live on SRF 1 at 20:10 CET

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8 years ago

In my opinion, Switzerland has roughly 3 solid and 3 bad options.

6. Disque d’Or – horrible, offensive and annoying
5. Because of you – booooring
4. Feel the love – well produced, but void of any originality
3. Half a smile – cute, but doesn’t leave a great impact
2/1. Another World – great song
2/1. Last of our kind – great song

8 years ago

If Platzhirsch did went through it would have won

8 years ago

I really hope that the majority of viewers (and the jury!) will see the potential of Rykka, because Vincent seems to have a lot of young girls voting for him…
Please let it be Rykka…

8 years ago

I hope that Rykka wins, because it’s – by a large margin – the best song.

8 years ago

Rykka has the biggest chance to go tp the final.

MrJoggy (BEL)
MrJoggy (BEL)
8 years ago

I would have voted Rykka even though all the entries are quite weak this year …

8 years ago

The only reason Vincent won the public poll was because his teen/tween fans started social media campaigns to get people to hijack every poll to vote for him (I saw it all over the “srfesc” hashtag on Twitter in the weeks leading up to today).

Rykka has the stronger song, it grabs you straight away while “Half a Smile” is too sugary with a deathly repetitive chorus (you-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo-oo…). I truly hope the Swiss and the jury make the right choice and send “The Last of Our Kind”, it’s their best chance to qualify again.