Romania might have taken an indefinite break from Eurovision, but the country’s ESC alums are still recording great music. And not just Mihai Traistariu and Elena Gheorghe, but also Paula Seling, Mandinga, Voltaj and Elena Ionescu. Let’s have a listen!

Voltaj – “Din toata inima pentru Nationala Romaniei”

Voltaj, the last Romanian act to grace the Eurovision stage last year, is constantly touring and releasing hit after hit. They took their 2015 success “Din toata inima” and turned it into the Romanian team’s anthem at Euro 2016. Unfortunately, the national squad was less successful, being kicked out of the tournament in the group stages. However, you should watch Voltaj’s video, if only for a 360° view of Bucharest’s streets.

Paula Seling – “O fata cu un pian” and “Weekend”

Paula Seling has released not one, but two singles in July. Her first song, “O fata cu un pian” (A Girl With A Piano), is a tribute to love. Paula busts out her rapping skills in the verses, an interesting shift from her usual softer style. We can’t fault the effort, but the song has so far failed to reach the commercial success that the two-time winner of Eurovision’s Next Top Model is used to.

Paula’s second release is a collaboration with Romanian folk icon Nicu Alifantis. It’s a cute, laid back, summery song about not doing much at the weekend. The track is closer to Paula Seling’s style and we wouldn’t be surprised if ends up getting more airplay than “O fata cu un pian”.

Mandinga – “Hello” (Adele cover)

After “Aventura”, the 2012 Eurovision act has gone for a salsa cover of Adele’s mega-hit “Hello”. Perhaps more impressive than new vocalist Barbara Isasi, the excellent instrumental arrangement makes this cover shine. We never thought we’d shimmy to Adele’s “Hello”!

Elena Ionescu – “Spune-i”

Speaking of Mandinga, former vocalist  and “Zaleilah” star Elena Ionescu has also returned to the studio. “Spune-i” (Tell Him) is a sultry love song that should easily strike summer chart success, thanks to its lush production values and both Elena’s and rapper Mahia Beldo’s star power. We’re happy to see the former Eurovision beauty queen still slaying!

What do you think about these musical releases? Which one is your favourite?

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6 years ago

It is so difficult to decide… But I’m glad to hear them again.