Selectia Nationala 2017

Romania is back for 2017! Broadcaster TVR has shortlisted 15 acts to compete in the national final Selectia Nationala, with the semi-final kicking off on 26 February. Ten songs will qualify for the grand final on 5 March, but only one can win the ticket to Romania’s northern neighbour in May

To help you make an informed decision on who to pay attention to, the Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of music unprofessionals – will preview and review each of this year’s acts. We’re ready to pick our favourite for Romania!

Our jury for this edition consists of 13 jurors from Australia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Morocco, New Zealand, Romania, Serbia, Spain and the United Kingdom. Each juror assesses each song independently, and awards each song a score from 0 to 10. Before calculating the Wiwi Jury verdict, we drop the highest and lowest scores to reduce potential bias and outliers.

We’ll be unrolling these over the coming week. You can read the completed reviews by clicking on the song title.

Selectia Nationala 2017: Reviews and rankings

  1. Ilinca ft. Alex Florea – “Yodel It!” (7.36)
  2. Xandra – “Walk On By” (6.68)
  3. Instinct – “Petale” (6.64)
  4. Maxim – “Adu-ti aminte” (5.9)
  5. M I H A I – “I Won’t Surrender” (5.86)
  6. Ramona Nerra – “Save Me” (5.81)
  7. Cristina Vasiu – “Set the Skies on Fire” (5.45)
  8. Ana-Maria Mirica – “Spune-mi tu” (5.05)
  9. Tavi Colen & Emma – “We Own the Night” (4.09)
  10. Eduard Santha – “Wild Child” (1.9)

* Ties are broken by preferential vote

Eliminated acts