More than a year after Iveta Mukuchyan blazed her way to seventh place at Eurovision 2016, the Armenian goddess continues to pick up speed. She’s delivered two great duets with Aram MP3 and released even more fiery music on her own. Aside from impressing us with her versatility as an artist and top model, she also made a nice cameo at Melodifestivalen earlier this year.

Well roll on, 2017!

With “Hov Areq” (Come, breeze), the queen once again demonstrates that she isn’t afraid to experiment. Produced by Armenian DJ Donz, the song has major spirit as it mashes together spiritual sounds, a heavy beat and Iveta’s ethereal voice.

Donz ft. Iveta Mukuchyan – “Hov Areq”

Writing on Facebook, Iveta previously explained that the song tells the story of a young man who “implores the mountains to send a breeze to rid him of his woes.” We’ve all been there…

Fans of Iveta will be disappointed to know she doesn’t take centre stage in this song. But while there are no blazing fire fountains here, by God does Iveta shine. If ethnic music tempts you, then Iveta is most definitely your temptress with this one.

It takes us into the Armenian atmosphere straight away with choral sounds not dissimilar from Gregorian chanting. But then comes the twist: a heavy electronic beat leading to folktronica bliss. This isn’t derivative of Enya. It’s Iveta communing with nature and using her luscious, airy vocals as a portal to the Caucasus. The electro pulses have the quality of a heartbeat, which adds to the sense the music is coming from her soul. She’s certainly built a lovewave to our hearts!


On August 24 Iveta made it clear that she’s got plenty of new music in the pipeline.

Writing on Facbeook she said: “Right now I am in a hard-working creative process, it was a very busy summer.”

“I managed to compose and work on many new songs and can’t wait to present them to you. Wait for it.”

Do you like Iveta’s new offering? What are you hoping she’ll do next? Let us know below!

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3 years ago

Got the chills. Her voice is amazing