Hungary’s András Kállay-Saunders has been trying for a number of years to return to Eurovision after securing his country’s second best result back in 2014, when he finished fifth in the grand final with “Running”. His most recent attempt was this year at A Dal 2019 as part of the group The Middletonz, who reached the final of the selection with the song “Roses”.

Initially a duo, the group has now officially become a quartet. The group currently consists of András,  Dutch-Iranian rapper Slashkovic, producer Fehér Holló (White Raven), and guitarist Alex Torres. Last Sunday, the band finally unveiled the music video of their new single, “Lonely Days”.

The Middletonz – “Lonely Days”

Musically, the song shifts from the experimental sound of “Roses” towards a more radio-friendly, guitar-driven tune. Alex Torres’ strumming is complemented by Fehér Holló’s electric guitar flair, in addition to a violin line. The entire thing is backed up well with a solid, assertive drum beat.

Lyrically, “Lonely Days” follows up “Roses” in its theme. Their A Dal entry was about a man struggling with a toxic relationship where all his efforts seemed to be in vain. Meanwhile, in this follow-up song the couple has subsequently broken up, but our protagonist is now missing his former girlfriend. In the end, however, he ultimately decides to move on and accept what has happened.

The live premiere

On the same night as the music video reveal, András and Slashkovic premiered their new song at the grand final of Miss World Hungary 2019 (Magyarország Szépe 2019).

András wore a white suit and a leopard pattern shirt, while Slashkovic opted for a hat, a black outfit and a vest with a special pattern. The two artists performed while the contestants strutted their stuff on the catwalk for the bathing suit part of the beauty pageant.

This year’s pageant had even more Eurovision connections. It was hosted by Hungary’s Eurovision 2016 act, and now commentator, Freddie.

The Middletonz also got a second chance to perform on the night. They sang their A Dal entry “Roses” during the closing moments of the show.

Do you like The Middletonz’ new song? Was their beauty pageant performance good? Would you like to see them representing Hungary at Eurovision 2020? Sound off in the comments below!

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