She’s been busy all summer long. With her new album Only Love, L reaching the top of the charts, everything’s going well for Eurovision 2010 winner Lena. And she had even more to offer, with the new music video for the single “Love”.

The new clip comes after previous efforts “Thank You“, “Don’t Lie to Me“, and “Boundaries“. The video was originally released as an Instagram exclusive as part of her web series L Loves L, but was also released on YouTube.

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The song is one that follows patterns visible throughout the entire album. But it goes even beyond that by setting a very emotional tone. “Love” hits the listener right away because of its stripped-down piano melody and the impressive vocal delivery. Lena does really open up — something she was more hesitant about in the past.

“Somehow tough times are indeed the better ones.”

Behind the story of the song is a very personal experience. In a video to her fans, she’s spoken out about it… and couldn’t stop her emotions. The love experience Lena is talking about clearly left an impression. While recording her new album, Lena had to deal with a break-up. But she seems better off now that she’s able to comment on it.

Lena – “Love” (official video)

The clip starts with scenes showing Lena wearing white trousers and a black top while sitting on the ground. She then stands up to head towards a piano where she starts singing while also playing the song’s melody. The different poses throughout the video showcase a very emotional spirit. The close-up camera shots also strengthen the message of the song. In another scene, Lena is running outside.

The music video tries to show different phases of a relationship. From ups and downs, Lena knows very well how it feels to be disappointed. But the outcome is one of the strongest songs the German Eurovision winner released to date.

What do you think about Lena’s new music video? Do you feel the emotion behind it? Which of her songs do you have on repeat? Sound off in the the comments section below!

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4 years ago

There’s something disturbing about Lena. She has all those daddy issues, and she was always so sexy, looking for men’s approval.

4 years ago

Sorry for the lack of contribution to this post. Just wanted to display my surprise at there being only one comment. Why the lack of interest for a perfectly competent artist. Very strange.

4 years ago

Amazing song with a beautiful message, love Lena! <3