Eurovision 2020 Tickets Price

In early December, thousands of people were left disappointed when the first wave of Eurovision 2020 tickets sold out within half an hour. However, they’ll have a chance to try again on Thursday 30 January when the second batch of tickets go on sale.

Eurovision 2020 Tickets — Second Wave

Once more fans will have the opportunity to try and secure tickets for nine different shows, namely the live show, jury show and family show for semi-final one, semi-final two and the grand final. The process will remain the same as before with tickets being sold in conjunction with, and the 2020 ticketing partner Paylogic.

Prices remain largely unchanged. However, the early bird discount for semi-finals one and two will no longer apply.

Accordingly, an extra €5.00 will be added to the semi-final ticket prices which were originally advertised.

For more information on the Eurovision 2020 ticketing process, read our detailed guide.

Free tickets for Rotterdam residents

Earlier in the season, organisers promised that a number of tickets will be set aside for Rotterdam residents on low incomes.

Around 500 tickets are due to be reserved for the grand final and 1,000 tickets for every other show. However, AD reports that the uptake has been low.

One week after the initiative went live, only 1,100 candidates had applied. There are 8,500 tickets to give away. These will be distributed in packages of two, allowing a maximum of 4,250 individuals to redeem a free ticket for themselves and a plus one.

Over 60,000 people are eligible to participate.

The scheme’s backers remain buoyant and predict that all the tickets will eventually be snapped up after a renewed promotional push. This will involve reaching the target market through a network of social workers and newsletters, as well as distributing printed materials at locations such as community centres and food banks.

Applications remain open until 7 January.

Will you have your credit card ready on 30 January? Or were you lucky enough to get tickets first time around? Let us know in the comments.

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4 years ago

Kind of awful to add €5 to semifinal tickets just because they didn’t have enough tickets to sell to all the early birds who wanted them. I hope the second wave is less of a lottery.

Lise Mortier
Lise Mortier
4 years ago

Got lucky with second hand tickets for the first Jury semi final but would love to get my hands on the two other jury nights. Crossing my fingers that my IP address gets on top of the queue on the 30th of January. I didn’t realise how hard it was to secure tickets!