Ukraine Go_A First Rehearsal Eurovision 2021
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At Eurovision 2021, they earned Ukraine a fifth place finish with their mind-boggling performance of “SHUM”.

And months later, we’re still completely mesmerised by Go_A. They brought a captivating energy to the Rotterdam stage that fans just can’t stop thinking about.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce Go_A as the winners of the wiwibloggs Vision Music Award 2021 for Most Memorable Staging!

Our readers voted Go_A their favourite out of six potential candidates.

Go_A win Most Memorable Staging at the Vision Music Awards 2021

The Most Memorable Staging award honours the contestants who took the biggest risks on stage, creating memorable — if sometimes divisive — performances. Previous winners include Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, Azerbaijan’s Dihaj and Australia’s full zero gravity queen herself, Kate Miller-Heidke.

We asked our readers to vote for which act they think created the most memorable staging at Eurovision 2021. And with a grand total 1,969 votes, Go_A are the next inductee into the staging hall of fame. The Ukrainian folk-EDM band consisting of Kateryna Pavlenko, Ihor Didenchuk, Ivan Hryhoriak and Taras Shevchenko received 32.98% of all votes cast in our poll.

The group took us on a magical journey through time and space with their “SHUM” staging. Performing centre stage on a raised platform surrounded by white trees and hypnotic LED graphics, the four-piece delivered a unique experience combining elements of rave culture with traditional Ukrainian aesthetics.

As wiwiblogger Padraig wrote in his review of Ukraine’s first rehearsal:

“This is a feast for all the senses. Visually, sonically, spiritually. Go_A deliver. I didn’t know what to expect from them at Eurovision, but it certainly wasn’t this. All the disparate elements shouldn’t work — Kateryna’s green feather jacket, the boys in their hazmat suits, the trees, the bags of seeds, the halos made of ring lights, the psychedelic LED…. to name just a few. But the end result is spectacular. “SHUM” is an acquired taste. But the vocals are on point and Go_A are selling it!”

The silver medal prize in our Most Memorable Staging award poll goes to Switzerland’s Gjon’s Tears. Visualised and choreographed by Eurovision regular Sacha Jean-Baptiste, Gjon’s moving platforms created a dazzling spectacle that helped him secure a third-place finish in Rotterdam. In our poll, the “Tout l’univers” singer picked up 956 votes — that’s 16.01% of all votes cast.

Rounding out the top three is current reigning Eurovision champs, Italy’s Måneskin. The four-piece band went full throttle with pyro, leather and lace to turn the song contest into a full scale rock concert. In our poll, the “Zitti E Buoni” hitmakers received 845 votes — that’s 14.45% of all votes cast.

Poll results: Who should win the Vision Music Award 2021 for Most Memorable Staging?

  1. Ukraine: Go_A — 32.98% (1,969 votes)
  2. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears — 16.01% (956 votes)
  3. Italy: Måneskin — 14.15% (845 votes)
  4. Greece: Stefania — 12.81% (765 votes)
  5. Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið — 12.75% (761 votes)
  6. Ireland: Lesley Roy — 11.29% (674 votes)

Total votes: 5,970

Vision Music Awards 2021

This award is just one of 14 awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2021 (VMAs).

Our 14 categories — from Best Dressed to Best Use of Social Media — identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

Click here to see the remaining categories, and stay tuned to find out the remaining Vision Music Award winners!

Do you agree that Go_A provided the Most Memorable Staging moment of Eurovision 2021? How did your favourite perform in our poll? Let us know in the comments down below.


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2 years ago

These results do make a lot of sense, but I’m a bit surprised Lithuania wasn’t in the top 5, because their staging was extremely well done as well, but congrats to Ukraine regardless, since Go_A really managed to ace every single thing in their performances

2 years ago

Go_A we’re consistently engaging and unexpected, pure theatre delivered in a way we haven’t really seen before. And Iceland was perfect too, matching their goofy charm and delivering. It continues their trademark of late pyro/streamers

2 years ago

well deserved