Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2022 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 39

LOBODA – “Americano”

“I love autumn, I love its loneliness and beauty. And my playlist at this time of year is always filled with lyrical songs, because during this period we are all a little sad about the past summer, and about the coming winter.”, notes LOBODA. The Eurovision 2009 star has brought us another lyrical song to add to our autumn playlists in the form of “Americano”. Toned down compared to some of the Ukrainian singer’s previous work, this latest song lets LOBODA showcase a more melancholic emotion. In the lyrics, LOBODA is drinking away her sorrows with a classic cocktail: “Americano, it burns my throat / Remembering you, it stings again / You won’t come back, no love and that’s the reason / This is an especially cold fall”.

Amir – “Rétine”

Eurovision 2016 alum Amir is keeping things simple and largely stripped-back for his new single. “Rétine” (“Retina”) is a pop ballad that features the French star’s vocals layered over an acoustic guitar and background strings for much of the song. However, things build at the end of the second chorus with the addition of some more electronic production beats for around 20 seconds. A love song, Amir tells his partner that he’ll always be there to reignite the fire when it might dwindle: “If in your retina, the love / Can’t stand the light of day anymore / I will rekindle the stars around / I will learn to count until forever / And you can count on me / And it will never end”.

Little Big – Welcome To The Internet

Following their previous collaborative single “Turn It Up”, Little Big have now released an EP of songs with American singer-songwriter Oliver Tree. The opening track, “The Internet”, also comes with a new music video. If you know a viral meme or challenge, then you’ll probably find it included in this video. Russia’s Eurovision 2020 entrants surf the internet with Oliver whilst making a social commentary on the behaviour of people online: “You can see it in your mentions / We’ve got demons in the comments section / Screaming for redemption / ‘Cause they don’t get enough attention”.

Musically, “The Internet” is a relatively slow and steady song for Little Big standards. Another of the EP’s new songs, “Ramapampam”, turns the BPM right up and delivers the rave-pop style you might normally expect. The closing track, “You’re Not There”, turns it back down again and brings a Chainsmokers-style electro-pop sound.

Amaia – “Yo Invito”

Amaia’s fans got the chance to hear her new single slightly earlier than planned, after the music video for “Yo Invito” (“I Invite”) was published a day before the official release. Rather calm in the verses, the chorus and outro brings in more atmospheric production, including strings and backing vocals. The lyrics see Spain’s Eurovision 2018 star wondering where her life will go following a break up: “I no longer know what will become of me / But I know that today I say goodbye to you / I’m going to make you cross and line / I feel free but weird”.

SMA Kids (feat. Luca Hänni) – “There You Are”

Luca Hänni has joined forces with 150 kids for the new song “There You Are”. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2019 star starts things off and is then joined by the children for the chorus. They sing about supporting their friends through everything that might happen in life: “I’ll be there for you / You there for me to / Yeah, whatever the weather / We see each other through”. Sonically, the song manages to stay clear of becoming a cheesy charity single and instead brings in a summery pop sound. Proceedings from the song will go to The Human Safety Net Switzerland.

Alejandro De Pinedo (feat. Rosa López) – “Greed – Crazy About You”

Spanish music producer Alejandro De Pinedo has been releasing singles based on each of the seven deadly sins. For greed, the musician has brought in Eurovision 2002 alum Rosa López. A fairly chilled track, Rosa brings a sensual touch to proceedings with her vocal delivery. The Spanish singer is greedy for a particular thing that she constantly has on her mind: “You are always in my brain / I know it is insane / There’s nothing I can do / Crazy about you”.

Kristian Kostov – “Built Different”

“I probably had more fun writing this song than anything else to date and I think that you can definitely feel that”, noted Kristian Kostov upon the release of his new single “Built Different”. Indeed, the song is brighter than much of the Bulgarian star’s previous work, which took on a moodier approach. Since finishing as the runner-up at Eurovision 2017, Kristian has been increasingly influenced by things such as anime. This is evident in his new song as well, with Kristian even describing the genre as “Anime-Pop-Hyperpop-Fun-NoFsToGive realness”. The lyrics are all about the Bulgarian singer wanting to live his life in a way that makes him happy: “Living my life / Without a damn reason / Maybe I’m rude / But I don’t wanna be like you […] I don’t wanna be depressed / B*tch like all the rest […] I’m built different, I’m a star”.

Bart Peeters (feat. Ilse Delange) – “In een droom vannacht”

Belgian singer Bart Peeters released his new album this week. While predominantly all solo songs, Bart asked Eurovision 2014 silver medallist Ilse Delange to feature on “In een droom vannacht” (“In a dream tonight”). A slow acoustic-guitar-driven ballad, Ilse accompanies Bart during the pre-chorus and chorus before the Dutch star then delivers the second verse by herself.

Nadav Guedj – “אוטו פלסטיק”

Nadav Guedj’s new single is “אוטו פלסטיק” (“Plastic Car”). It’s a catchy upbeat track that also has a slight Cuban feel owing to some snazzy trumpet sections. Although the Israeli singer’s personality comes out in the audio version, there’s a bit of a disconnect in the music video as Nadav’s face lacks expression while he concentrates on trying to hit the dance moves. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2015 star discusses how his lover isn’t impressed by fancy cars such as Maserati, Aston Martin and Ferrari. Instead, she’d be happy with a plastic car as long as the vibes are there.

Albert Černý & Eva Burešová – “Máš u mě skrýš”

Lake Malawi vocalist Albert Černý has brought Eva Burešová on board for his new single “Máš u mě skrýš” (“You have a place with me”). It’s a light indie-pop track that almost has an acoustic feel to it, as the pair sing over soft percussion accompaniment. The Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 star kicks things off with the first verse and chorus, then Eva takes over for the second. Albert and Eva sing about how they’ll always be there to provide shelter when the other one needs it: “You have a place with me, you have a place with me / I can feel you even when you sleep at night / I hope you know / You have a place with me”.

Runa & Tostogan’s & Timebelle – “Garsoniera din Obor”

Swiss-Romanian group Timebelle have released music in a number of languages. But their latest song sees them switching to vocalist Runa’s native Romanian. “Garsoniera din Obor” (“Studio in Obor”) combines jazz, pop and romanta – a Romanian style of song from the 1920s/30s. The Eurovision 2017 group are joined by singer Tostogan’s for the single and music video. In the video’s description, Timebelle explain the story behind the song:

“The story behind the mesmerizing sounds belongs to a woman who has arrived to the final stage of the relationship. She is no longer in denial, no longer sad, nor furious, maybe a bit nostalgic to the image of what used to be a home for both – a studio apartment in a famous place in Bucharest called Obor. She is now fed up and she is leaving the relationship on jazzy, romance and pop rhythm.”

Tom Hugo & Alexandra Rotan – “I Was A Fool”

Tom Hugo and Alexandra Rotan make up two-thirds of Eurovision 2019 televote winners KEiiNO. The pair have released a duet together titled “I Was A Fool”. There’s a backyard country feel to the ballad, with Tom and Alexandra accompanied by violin and guitar. They each deliver a verse each before coming together to sing the chorus largely in unison, though also with the odd harmony. In the lyrics, the Norwegian singers discuss how they rushed into love too quickly and without the knowledge of how to be the best partner possible: “I was so young when we met / I was a fool […] I thought you were cruel when you left / I was a fool / Darling, now the memories are all I have left”.

Laura Rizzotto – “On My Mind”

Eurovision 2018 alum Laura Rizzotto can’t get a certain person out of her head. In her new single, “On My Mind”, the Latvian star sings about the difficulty of remaining faithful to her lover when she can’t stop thinking about someone else: “All I can see is your body on mine / Hit me like whiskey on ice / You got me playing with fire tonight / Oh, it’s so bad to do / I’m going home with you on my mind”. A solid pop song, there’s a lot of individual elements that come together to deliver the full sound at the end.

Secret Garden, Catherine Iversen & Espen Grjotheim – “‘Cause of You”

We may have only just entered October, but Secret Garden are already thinking about a certain festival at the end of December. In 2020, Norway’s Eurovision 1995 winners released the Christmas album Sacred Night. This year, the duo are set to drop an extended version of the LP with five brand new songs. In anticipation, Secret Garden released the first of these new songs on Friday. Titled “‘Cause Of You”, the Irish-Norwegian group have once again teamed up with singer Catherine Iversen, who sung all the songs on Sacred Night. But this time they’ve also brought in Espen Grjotheim to provide a second voice in the mix.

Ben Cristovao – “Stopařův průvodce”

Ben Cristovao has dropped a music video for his new single “Stopařův průvodce” (“Hitchhiker’s guide”). The song comes from the Eurovision 2021 star’s recent album JENTAK. Benny starts on a quiet road in a suave suit. Though as he heads to the coast and watches the setting sun, the jacket comes off and the shirt gets unbuttoned. It’s a fairly simple concept, but it matches the aura of the charming pop song that has a bit of funk to it.

For more from the Czech star, he also features on “House Party”, the new single from rapper KOJO.

Singapūras Satīns (feat. Samanta Tīna) – “Plāksteris”

Latvia’s Samanta Tīna has teamed up with rap group Singapūras Satīns for the new song “Plāksteris” (“Plaster”/”Band Aid”). The Eurovision 2021 star opens the music video up with a spoken section and then the sung chorus: “At night, scars heal better / If champagne rains on top of them / She’s just a plaster / What will fall when the morning comes”. Singapūras Satīns then proceed to deliver a series of rap verses in between Samanta’s sections. Despite all the different segments, it’s all brought together well by a consistent underlying beat.

Dian Solo – “T.N.T.”

Dian Solo is one of the DJ’s from Bulgaria’s Deep Zone Project, who represented their country at Eurovision 2008. Alongside his work with the group, Dian also releases some other solo material. His latest track is “T.N.T.”, a remix of the AC/DC track. It strips away most of the guitars and brings in a dance beat – though Dian retains the guitar solo in the bridge.

The Bulgarian DJ has previously remixed a number of other AC/DC songs, including “Thunderstruck” and “Highway to Hell”.

Dave Benton, Boris Björn Bagger & Mandolin Orchestra Ettlingen Zupforchester – “Try To Remember”

Estonia’s Eurovision 2001 winner, Dave Benton, has released a rendition of “Try To Remember”. The song originally comes from the 1960 musical The Fantastiks. For this version, Benton has collaborated with guitar player Boris Björn Bagger, who is also the conductor of the Mandolin Orchestra. A song about nostalgia, Benton sings: “Try to remember the kind of September / When life was slow and oh so mellow / Try to remember the kind of September / When grass was green and grain was yellow […] Try to remember and if you remember / Then follow”.

Reyhan Karaca – “Tam 12’Den”

Reyhan Karaca represented Turkey at Eurovision 1991. Her most recent single is “Tam 12’Den”. It’s an upbeat Turkish dance-pop track that brings together trumpets, drums and guitars. In the lyrics, Reyhan sings about a person who completes the missing piece of her soul: “Love lit such a fire in the heart / As if the whole world stood up”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Kristian Kostov is very different now. You wouldn’t recognize him.

2 years ago

With this song Kristian start to work with Crunchyroll/big american anime company/.I am so happy for him.

2 years ago
Reply to  Vivian

The song is really cool!

Cem Yildiz
Cem Yildiz
2 years ago

The title of Reyhan Karaca’s song means “Bullseye”, a shot hitting the center. She sings “Hit the center, i.e. manage to do the best and the most right thing to do”
Googletranslate failed here 🙂