Spain’s Soraya: “I won’t come back to Eurovision”

Soraya Arnelas, the Spanish representative in 2009, doesn’t have any plans to come back to the Eurovision Song Contest. The “La Noche Es Para Mí” singer won’t be joining the very enthusiastic bunch of Spanish Eurovision stars craving for a comeback, according to Spanish news site Fórmula TV.

Soraya has just released her last single, “You Didn’t Do It”, a ’70s-themed disco song. The singer commented that she liked Edurne’s performance in Vienna, and that she didn’t think Edurne had received more criticism than usual. Both Edurne and Soraya took part in the fourth series of Operación Triunfo (Star Academy) and ended amongst the finalists. Did they perform together? Sure they did!

Soraya was one of the names Rosa López mentioned for her dream supergroup a few days ago. Unfortunately, it will not happen. Are you deceived or rather relieved? Tell us below!


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