Poll: Which song has the best lyrics at Eurovision 2017?

A good Eurovision song is not complete without good lyrics. Just look at last year’s winner, “1944” — its emotional text proved both deeply controversial but also instrumental in securing Jamala‘s victory in Stockholm. Words can propel a song to hit status or, on the contrary, attract ridicule and shame. So we want to know: Which Eurovision 2017 lyrics will help drive certain songs to the top this year? It’s time to vote for the best lyrics of Eurovision 2017!

In this poll, you are invited to judge not so much the musicality of the track itself, but the poetry, the message, and the overall quality of the lyrics. Forget about your favourite country or song: it’s all about the text. Are you moved by a love story? Or do you prefer a philosophical song with a metaphorical twist? Or maybe you’d rather vote for a fun number with a positive message? The choice is yours!

Before you cast your vote in the poll at the bottom of this page, please check the lyrics of the 42 contestants of Eurovision 2017 below. They are listed in the alphabetical order of the country name. The foreign-language lyrics have been translated to English. You can vote for as many entries as you want, but you can only vote once, so make it count! You have 20 days to make up your mind. We will close the best lyrics poll on 8 May.

Eurovision 2017 lyrics

After you vote for the best lyrics of your choice, feel free to discuss them in the comments box and on the wiwibloggs app.

Do you think that the lyrics can make or break a song? What are your favourite Eurovision lyrics of all time? Sound off below!