Elena Ionescu has filmed a special greeting for Wiwi’s readers, and the men of Mandinga have filmed themselves working out in honor of their fans on WiwiBloggs.Com. So it’s only appropriate that Mandinga and Wiwi finally got to hook up in person at the recent Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam. In the video below, Elena says she wants to be more than Eurovision’s Next Top Model, tells us about her weekly workout routine, and talks about the sizzling Latin blood coursing through Mandinga’s veins. We also learn that Elena was the only group member to travel to Dubai to shoot their official music video for “Zaleilah.” Sorry for all the background noise: there was a massive crowd behind us, and everyone wanted a piece of Mandinga!


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11 years ago

good luck romania! Grettings from Sweden!

11 years ago

I really love Mandinga. What a fun group! Wiwi: You are hot, and your hair is so jedhead!