France’s Anggun

Team Wiwi is exhausted. We are working all day in the press center and then dancing all night at the Euroclub: that’s why we all look like we’ve been punched in the face. But in between shifts on Sunday we managed to watch Anggun’s second dress rehearsal. Her back-up dancers once again showed off their gymnastics ability and, much to our delight, their well-oiled bodies. As for Anggun, she swapped the white chiffon body wings from yesterday’s rehearsal with a black one today. The switch-up mirrors the schizophrenic quality of her song’s opening bars.

When judging Anggun’s act it’s important to remember that today was just a rehearsal. Anggun is a seasoned performer, and I have no doubt she is going to shine on the big night—even if today was a little rocky! In any event, here’s what we had to say. You can also watch a video of her second rehearsal afterwards. Love, Wiwi + Meows Kitty


Anggun’s second rehearsal:


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11 years ago

@zolan: i completely agree. a fantastic song ruined by a crap choreographer!!

11 years ago

Major disappointment.
I like this song a lot, and believe it to have intrinsic virtues worthy of supportive staging. Instead we have the kind of sideshow we’ve seen used to distract attention from poor songs, and the song seems poorer because of it.
I hope I’m proven wrong and they can bring both sides together.