Lee Ryan, one-fourth of British boy band Blue, has entered the Celebrity Big Brother House, where he will rub shoulders with the likes of boxer Evander Holyfield and The Only Way is Essex star Sam Faiers.

Ryan walked into the house handcuffed to model Casey Batchelor who is best known for her 34GG bust. During his on-stage interview, Ryan said that he was part of the best band in the world.

What he didn’t mention is that he is the band’s only solvent member. In recent months Duncan James and Simon Webbe have recently gone bankrupt, and Antony Costa is living off a strict £45 a week allowance. Shouldn’t they be in the house earning a bit of extra cash?!

Don’t expect any on-screen romance. “I’d never snog anyone on live TV,” Lee recently told The Sun“I find that really distasteful. I couldn’t kiss anyone when I know my kids are sitting in front of the TV, going: ‘Hi, Daddy!’”

In a recent interview, which you can watch below, he said that he’ll be himself on the show. He’s worried that he’ll have to share a double bed with another guy, and hopes that no one in the house has bad breath. He also reveals that he left his swim trunks and home and that if he enters the hot tub he’ll need to skinny dip. He says this is nice so “it’ll get out and be nice and flowy.” Um….


Blue placed 11th at Eurovision 2011 with 100 points.

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8 years ago

And again … typically Britain … you were once big and famous but from the moment you leave the stage for good, so does the fame and fortune walk away from you … and since you don’t know what to do next … you choose these TV shows expecting something that is never going to happen. Lee himself has a remarkable voice but he allowed himself to show the somewhat rude and indelicate person he sadly is … and an artist can never forget one major thing: the biggest judge of an artist’s work is the public, the people who… Read more »

il pleut
il pleut
8 years ago

I`m curious, why his name is Lee Ryan ??? Is he from China or Korea ??? LOL……..