After most of the 57 candidates took forever to make up their minds and submit their entries to O melodie pentru Europa, the Moldovan jury took just a couple of days to listen to the 61 songs and dismissed 21 of them. Forty songs remain in the race until the live auditions on February 1st, when the 24 songs will be selected for the two semi-finals on 11 and 13 March. The final will be broadcast on 15 March.

Here are the artists and songs that made it to the next round, as published by Moldovan broadcaster TRM:

1. Esperanza – The Breakthrough
2. Brescan Diana – Hallelujah
3. Margarita Ciorici – Vis
4. PARALELA 47 – Fragmente
5. Sandina – Reasons to love you
6. ELIT MS – Azi, aici, acum
7. Lucia S – Frozen
8. Curly – Your Recovery
9. Cernicova Ana – Dragostea divina
10. Olisevschi Rodica – Without you
11. Alina Sorochina – Asculta-ma tacere
12. Ksenya Nikora – A New Beginning
13. Ksenya Nikora – A Letter To My Freind
14. Diana Staver – One and all
15. Diana Staver – Its all about a boy
16. Mikaella – Follow your dreams
17. Lana Lights – Solar wind
18. Jenea Latisev – The rythm of the jazz
19. Chirtoaca Aurel – Urme de iubiri
20. EDICT – Forever
21. Gorun Carolina – Turn the tide
22. Cristina Scarlat – Wild Soul
23. Doinita Gherman – Energy
24. Nicolletta – Take a look at me now
25. FLUX LIGHT – Never stop no
26. Malaru Eduard – Viata-n culoare
27. Katy Rain – Listen My Dear
28. Pasa Valeria – Te-am asteptat
29. Felicia Dunaf – The Way I Do
30. Felicia Dunaf – Taking Care of a Broken Heart
31. Anna Gulko – Happy tomorrow
32. Cadence of Heart – I want to fly
33. Dana Markitan – Queen of the dancefloor
34. Dana Markitan – I want your love
35. Tatiana Heghea – I’m yours
36. Covali Boris – Flying
37. Covali Boris – Perfect day
38. Anastasia Ursu – Give me a smile
39. Ray Gligor – Is This the Way
40. Glam Girls – You believed in me

We are glad to see returnees Felicia Dunaf and Boris Covali with two songs each, as well as bubbly Doinita Gherman, Cristina Scarlat, Tatiana Heghea, and Glam Girls on the list. We are looking forward to listening to their bids! So far however, just a handful of songs have been trickling on YouTube. (What are these people thinking?).

Here’s Dana Markitan’s “I Want Your Love”, which at first listen kind of sounds similar to Sabina Babayeva’s “When The Music Died”:

This is Paralela 47’s rock song “Fragmente” (Fragments):

Felicia Dunaf’s song “The Way I Do” is pretty catchy:

Valeria Pasa’s ballad “Te-am asteptat” (I’ve been waiting for you) is a bit reminiscent of “O mie”:

Margareta Ciorici submitted this lovely number, “Vis” (Dream):

And Tatiana Heghea (one of Pasha Parfeny’s “Lautar” back up singers) went for a more classic Eurovision schlager sound with “I’m Yours”:

So far, so good! Moldova has been consistently sending great songs to Eurovision and we are looking forward to this year’s race, which is now ON. Do you have any favourites yet?

PS: Yes. We can confirm that, predictably, Sasha Bognibov’s riveting song “My Lesbian Girl” did not make the cut. His 13th attempt was not so lucky

Update: Teleradio Moldova has published all the songs now. Until we come back with the list of qualified songs after the live auditions on 1 February, which ones strike your fancy?

Bogdan Honciuc is a Romania-based correspondent for You can follow him on Twitter @stingovision. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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10 years ago

Oooh, Boris does sound promising. I like Flying 🙂 I’m so excited for Moldova 😀 hahaha aw R.I.P My Lesbian Girl 😛 I wasn’t going to bother listening to them all.. but now you’ve got me convinced. And it’s Moldova for pete’s sake 😀 Gotta love their quirkiness.

10 years ago

@Dez: We’ll see. The TRM rules this year state that artists may submit entries that were also submitted to other countries, so technically they should not be disqualified.

10 years ago

It’s All About A Boy, A New Beginning, Take A Look At Me Now, and Is This The Way are all in the Lithuanian selection. What’s gonna happen, maybe disqualification?

10 years ago

Vis and I want your love both sound good but live performance is the most important in ESC.

10 years ago

Au ales 40 de piese ilegal. In primul rand, au stabilit initial ca vor fi 60 de concurenti pe 1 februarie in auditiile live. Ar fi corect ca sa cante toti, pentru ca nu sunt mai multi de 60. In al doilea rand, regulamentul nou de la Comitetul Central al Eurovisionului prevede ca juriu nu trebuie sa includa persoane care au fost in ultimii 2 ani. Cel putin 3 membri au fost in juriu anul trecut.

10 years ago

Wow, “Vis” is in 5/4

10 years ago

Vis does sound great, its the only one i ve listened to tho:D

10 years ago

I’m hyped for this. Nicoleta (assuming it’s the same one) gave us the brilliant “Freaky Thong” last year, and I absolutely love Dana Marchitan’s 2010 NF entry ( and Doinita Gherman in general, but especially Meloterapia from 2010. Would love any of those three to win if they have amazing songs again. We can but wait and see. Moldova to save NF season!

Sami Luukela
Sami Luukela
10 years ago

Some of the songs are also competing in Lithuania 😀

10 years ago

Based on the songs I’ve heard so far, my favourites are “Vis”, “I’m Yours”, and “Te-am astepat”. Out of those three, I guess my favourite would be “Vis”, it just kinda sounds magical 😛