Tatjana Cameron—a.k.a Tajci—represented Yugoslavia at Eurovision 1990 with her bubbly dance entry “Hajde da ludujemo”. The song, which means “Let’s get crazy” in English, secured her 7th place that year. Obviously everyone was crazy that day…

Today Tajci—now a woman, no longer a girl—sings in churches and musicals. She’s married to American producer Matthew Cameron, who’s also the producer of her latest hit.

The video for “Keep your head up” was filmed on the Walls of Dubrovnik and in the city of Novi Vinodolski. As Tajci explained in her behind-the-scenes video, they didn’t have any sponsors for the video, just the help and goodwill of their local team. Power to the people! Here’s what Tajci had to say on Facebook:

Yes! I am AWAKE and I can twirl on top of some pretty cool ancient walls and sing to tear the walls down! (Proverbial walls, of course, otherwise I don’t think the City of Dubrovnik would have let me do this)

For me, this video represents personal success and victory – seriously, through it I overcame some pretty big challenges AND I had the chance to work with a great team of incredibly talented and awesome people!
Now it’s out in the world for others to take in its joy and its message – and don’t worry… by taking from it, you will only add to its impact.

She has also launched her own video show, called Tuesdays with Tajci, in which she talks about some rul rul deep topics.

You can watch her Tuesdays show by clicking here.

Something tells us that Carl Espen was her favourite at Eurovision this year…

Tajci Cameron

Photo: Courtesy of Tajci

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8 years ago

Shes still stunning.