Every week our team of global correspondents publishes around 40 stories. With the Wiwi Round Up, we review some our favourites.  Last week we dished on potential Melodifestivalen contestants and rumours in Ireland. This week we’re looking at Malta’s national selection, confirmations from Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina, Helena Paparizou’s OGAE Second Chance victory, Junior Eurovision and much, much more.

You can watch our discussion below, or check out the running order and skip to the specific story which grabs your interest.

 Wiwi Round Up: Week 43-44

1:18 – 7:09 POLL: Who Should Win Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2014-2015?

7:10 – 11:06 Albania: RTSH finally confirms participation for Eurovision 2015

11:07 – 14:20 Eurovision comeback: Hari Mata Hari to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina?

14:31 – 15:37 News Interlude

Israel: Dana International will play Cruella de Vil in children’s musical

Mix it up: Softengine’s Topi Latukka records a song with Freaky Fortune

Better Late (And Naked) Than Never: Denmark’s Tim Schou Does The Ice Bucket Challenge

Romania: Teen pop sensation Nicole Cherry would like to do Eurovision

15:38 – 20:34 OGAE Second Chance Contest Results: Helena Paparizou Wins, Brequette Second

20:35 – 22:45 Tomas N’evergreen: “I wouldn’t recommend anyone to participate in Eurovision”

22:46 – 22:55 Poll: Who should win Junior Eurovision 2014?

23:10 – 24:55 Wiwi Jury: Belarus’ Nadezhda Misyakova with Sokol

24:56 – 26:47 Wiwi Jury: The Netherlands’ Julia with Around

26:48 – 28:30 Wiwi Jury: Armenia’s Betty with People of the Sun

What do you want us to discuss in our next installment? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 years ago

Also, please interview the Sisters Ekklesia

7 years ago

Where is Brequette now?! Please find out!

Helena's fan
7 years ago

I would like Wiwibloggs to focus little bit more and inform us about Greece’s participation. If they will participate and when is the day of EBU make their decision to recognize or not NERIT as EBU member.