Time for another Eurofan True Story, y’all! We continue our look at the amazing and crazy antics the Eurovision fandom get up to. Today we hear from Bella, who is originally from Rzeszów in Poland, but now lives in the city where Dana International claimed her Eurovision win — Birmingham!

Bella first got into Eurovision when she heard of Alexander Rybak. She watched the contest with a friend back in 2009. She was cheering him on and saw her man win with the highest points total ever — a record cemented in Eurovision history under the old voting system. She later discovered Wiwibloggs by reading up on Il Volo in 2015, and her passion for Italian entries was born.

Bella now co-runs a Metamoro fan page with fellow Eurofan Fern, and has even been to Italy to see Ermal Meta himself. And yes: she had the pleasure of meeting him in-the-flesh. Shall we get to know Bella better? Let’s do this!!

Bella posing in Villafranca, Italy with her Team Metamoro UK flag.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for the love of Eurovision?

I considered missing my sister’s communion because it fell the day after the 2018 final. I got myself a ticket to the Eurovision final this year, but had to sell it to a friend because I would not have been able to go. Different people have told me that I was crazy — either for considering missing the communion, or for the fact I missed out on FINALLY going to Eurovision. I’ll let you decide.

What are your 3 favourite Eurovision songs ever? Why?

“Grande Amore” — Il Volo — because it is just such an amazing song. I never thought I would like it. I mean what the hell is popera? Why would you even combine those two genres? But the moment I heard it I fell in love with the song.

“Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente” — Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro — this song has a very important message and the moment I heard it when they won Sanremo I absolutely fell in love with the song as well as Ermal and Fabrizio.

“Colour of Your Life” — Michal Szpak — This is actually the only Eurovision entry from my home country that I like. I was so happy when Michal was up for Eurovision, as I remembered watching him on the Polish X-Factor and I was such a big fan of him back then.

Tell us something random or unique about yourself.

I can play the flute and have done a few covers of Eurovision songs.

Bella also met SuRie this year.

Tell us your best Euro story!

As anyone who follows me on social media knows, I am a huge fan of Ermal Meta and this summer I saw him twice during his tour in Italy. The first time was in Villafranca di Verona, where I had a Union Jack flag with the fan account name written on it and during the concert Ermal said “Volevo salutare il fan club inglese, credo che sia arrivato dall’Inghilterra, ok, ciao” (which if google translate is to anything go by, means, “I wanted to greet the English fan club who I think arrived from England. Okay, hi”).

However, the craziest part was when I went to his concert in Brescia in September. I had a nasty surprise when after arriving at the airport I realised I only had £40 in my bank account. Obviously I was going to still get on my flight! That wasn’t going to get between me and seeing Ermal in concert. I can buy cheap food. I’ll manage. I spent 2 days in Milan and 1 in Brescia with about €50 but it was the best weekend ever because I got to meet Ermal after the concert. It was so surreal. He is such a lovely and funny guy.

He was also telling us a story about a woman who had fallen asleep in the audience at Sanremo (back in 2006 when he was a guitarist for a band). Her head was resting on her husband’s shoulder and he just had to demonstrate how that looked and put his head on my shoulder and I swear to god my sleep deprived ass just crashed. Like, bella.exe crashed.

The day after Ermal’s concert, Francesco Gabbani had a talk at some museum event in Milan. I went along to that and got to see Francesco as well (though I did not understand what the talk was about)!

Ermal posing with Team Metamoro UK
(L-R: Bella, Fern, Ermal (obvs), Emma, Melissa, Elsa).

That’s dedication from Bella, there! If you want to follow Bella’s Euro-antics, find her on Twitter @voievodirti. You can also follow her Metamoro fangirling HERE.

Think you have a great story to tell? Get in touch! Fill in THIS form. You could be the next Eurofan to share your True Story, and be featured on Wiwibloggs! Don’t be shy!


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5 years ago

So proud of you Bella!!

5 years ago

This made me so damn happy I’m a HUGE fan of Ermal Meta also and that sounds like a freaking dream