The Eurovision 2022 season is slowly beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 48

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Verka Serduchka, Ott Lepland and others in a separate article during the run-up to Christmas.

Maxine Pace (feat. Destiny, Michela & Gaia Cauchi) – “Skin Deep”

Despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe, Malta still has an abundance of musical talent. And now four of the island’s young female singers have come together for a mega collaboration. Maxine Pace, a finalist of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017, first released the single “Skin Deep” in August this year. An emotional ballad about self-love, Maxine has now released a new version alongside Destiny (Eurovision 2021, Junior Eurovision 2015 winner), Michela (Eurovision 2019) and Gaia Cauchi (Junior Eurovision 2013 winner).

The four young women question whether their lovers will stay with them forever, even as their bodies go through changes with age: “I need you to love me when my body starts to change / Is the love we have skin deep / Or will the colours fade to grey / Will you still love me?”. But these questions can also be asked to ourselves and the the song is an important reminder to love yourself regardless of what your body might look like.

Marco Mengoni – MATERIA (TERRA)

Fans of Marco Mengoni will have plenty of new music to look forward to over the next few years. The Italian singer is set to release a trilogy of albums under the name MATERIA (Matter). The first of the trilogy, TERRA (Earth), dropped this week. It features nine songs, including recent singles “Ma stasera” and “Cambia Un Uomo”, along with a couple of voice notes. There’s a lot of soul influences running through the LP. This is interspersed with a couple of more upbeat disco-funk songs courtesy of “Ma stasera” and “Mi Fiderò”, a collaboration with Sanremo 2021 contestant Madame.

One song on the album that has particularly got fans talking is the intimate “Proibito” (“Prohibited”). For the first time in his discography, Marco talks about a love towards a man, utilising masculine adjectives. The song is sung in a first-person narrative, i.e. Marco sings from his point of view and talks directly to this other man. There is also a voice message part way through in which he talks about himself and the freedom to love: “I hope you’re able to feel free / To run, to wait / I hope you’re able to scream, to concede / I hope, I hope tomorrow you’re able to… fall in love”.

Whilst fans have been quick to rush to assumptions, it is important to note that Mengoni has not officially announced anything about his sexuality. In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Marco discussed the song further:

“It could also be two women or a man and a woman. Love is universal, we all do it. And if anyone will judge me, never mind. .. The song is about relationships: today it seems that you can fall in love with the ease of a like, but then you can’t go beyond the first defect. I have before me the example of my parents: I have seen them in extreme difficulty in some moments, but they did not stop at the first failure, they always supported each other.”

MÉLOVIN – “Кіт і драма”

“With me there’s only a cat and an obsessive drama”. Ukraine’s MÉLOVIN is declaring himself as more of a feline person compared to a canine person. The Eurovision 2018 star’s new single “Кіт і драма” (“Cat and drama”) is a dynamic offering that blends dark pop with a driving and powerful rock/drum beat from the first chorus onwards – and once it captures the listener, there’s no letting go. 

Eleni Fouriera & Evangelina – “Fotiá”

In October 2020, emerging artist Evangelina released the song “Fotiá” (“Fire”). Now, Eurovision 2018 runner-up Eleni Foureira has jumped on board and collaborated with Evangelina for a new duet version of the track. The collaboration has come about for Greek fashion-music project Mad Walk 2021, which will be broadcast on television later in December. Although Evangelina’s original version was predominantly sung in English, this new duet is performed entirely in Greek. But the passion still remains in the lyrics, with the pair singing “Fire in your eyes / I love every moment / I know you want it too”.

Philipp Kirkorov – “Раненый”

Philipp Kirkorov’s new song “Раненый” (“Wounded”) will feature on the upcoming comedic film Ёлки 8 (Fir Trees 8). Whilst the film might be a festive-themed comedy, the Russian singer’s song is most definitely not of the same vein. Instead, Kirkorov brings us a mid-tempo ballad. The Eurovision 1995 star discusses how his heart is intrinsically linked to that of his partner’s, so they both feel the same pain: “I am wounded by you / Wounded by you / Every arrow in the heart / You are wounded by me / Wounded by me / After all, we have one heart”.

Safura – “L.O.V.E”

“I want your love / Let me spell it out for you, love / I want your L O V E / Love”. Safura is getting directly to the point and announcing her desires. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2010 star wants affection, cuddles, and more from the person she’s fallen head over heels for. This sentiment is combined with a simple but catchy-enough pop beat. 

Roxen & Randi – “Dincolo de Marte”

Sometimes you look into someone’s eyes and you feel like you’re travelling through the stars – at least, that’s what Roxen feels like. The Eurovision 2021 singer has joined forces with Randi for the new single “Dincolo de Marte” (“Beyond Mars”). Randi starts the song off and Roxen then comes in for the chorus, where she sings about the interstellar love she wants from a special person: “You have a different energy, you are different / I want you to take me to your planet tonight / It’s a love from afar / Take me beyond Mars”. Despite the galactic theme of the lyrics, the music video is very much set on Earth and sees the two Romanian singers meeting in a field at night.

Robin Bengtsson – “Rollercoaster”

Robin Bengtsson has released a flurry of new songs recently and this continues with “Rollercoaster”. The Swedish singer brings us another guitar-driven track that blends indie-rock and country-pop. In the lyrics, Robin discusses the ups and downs relationships can go through. But he’s determined that he and his partner will make it through the rough times together: “On this rollercoaster / There will be twists and turns / But that don’t mean it’s over / There will be ebbs and flows / But we’ll keep moving forward”. Given the musical similarity of the Eurovision 2017 alum’s recent singles, perhaps this gives an insight into what his Melodifestivalen 2022 entry will sound like.

Maraaya – “Zdaj pa greš”

There come’s a time when everyone must leave their family home and take control of their own path through life. Slovenia’s Eurovision 2015 duo Maraaya have chosen to focus on this topic in their new single “Zdaj pa greš” (“Now you go”). It’s a gentle ballad that aims to tap into the emotions of parents across the world. Vocalist Marjetka sings of the mixed feelings parents can have when their child leaves: “Now you go, you go for dreams far away / Far away / I wave to you with a smile / With pride in my eyes / I don’t want to show you; my world is falling apart / Now that you go”.

Dina Garipova – “Напоказ”

Fans of Sergei Yesenin and William Shakespeare may recognise the lyrics to Dina Garipova’s new single (as long as you also speak Russian). Russia’s Eurovision 2013 singer has taken poems from the two authors and used them for the single “Напоказ” (“For show”). The music added to accompany the lyrics is minimal during the verses but bolder in the chorus as Dina’s vocals begin to lift.

Kállay Saunders & anatu – “How do I leave her?”

Kállay Saunders is dealing with the conundrum of how to tell his current partner that he wants them to become an ex-partner. The Hungarian singer doesn’t want to hurt their feelings but he knows it’s the  best thing for him to do: “How do I tell her / That I made up my mind / Her heart will be broken / But what about mine”. Musically, “How do I leave her?” is an R&B-soul song with raw emotion that the Eurovision 2014 star delivers alongside a backing choir.

Sunstroke Project & Fox Banger – “Netflix & Chill”

Sunstroke Project are getting ready for an evening of “Netflix & Chill”. The Moldovan duo have collaborated with DJ Fox Banger for the catchy and groovy tune. Vocalist Sergei Yalovitsky paints the picture of what’s going to happen when his lover comes over for the night: “You’re like a movie star / I know how movies are / I get so many damn treats / We’re going to Netflix and chill”. And of course Epic Sax Guy, Sergey Stepanov, gets a moment to deliver a little saxophone solo.

Olga Seryabkina – “HOLODNO”

Winter is taking a hold across Europe. But while temperatures might be dropping, Russia’s Olga Seryabkina knows that we’ve got something to keep us warm – love. The Eurovision 2007 alum and former Serebro member has released “HOLODNO” (“Cold”). It’s a dark pop track but there’s enough of a beat injected into the chorus so that it doesn’t feel frigid. This slice of warmth also comes through to the lyrics, with Olga noting how her loved one helps heat her during the bitterness of winter: “I’m cold, cold, cold / It’s cold, cold, but love is in us”.

Olga has also recently given birth to a new baby boy, named Luca. We send our congratulations!

VUNK (feat. Elena) – “Ce m-aș face fără tine”

“What would I do without you?” – that’s the question Elena poses in her latest single. The Eurovision 2009 act collaborates with Romanian band VUNK for “Ce m-aș face fără tine”. It’s a melancholic ballad where the musicians discuss the true love you can only experience with your soul mate. 

ByeAlex és a slepp & Manuel – “Rossz esték”

ByeAlex and his band the slepp are having a series of “Rossz esték” (“Bad evenings”). Hungary’s Eurovision 2013 singer knows that a relationship isn’t working out and wants to move on, but there’s still a small part of him that keeps thinking about returning: “I’m over it, but sometimes I would go back / It has never been so good, there is hardly a beautiful memory / I still empty my serotonin levels / Bad evenings, many more times”. ByeAlex és a slepp are joined by Manuel for this steady indie-pop track, with the latter contributing the third verse.

Zlata Ognevich – “Що б там не сталося”

Zlata Ognevich has put her voice to the soundtrack of the new Ukrainian TV series Кава з кардамоном (Coffee with cardamom). The show is a period drama set in the 19th century that tells the story of a forbidden love between a Ukrainian woman and Polish nobleman. Zlata’s song is titled “Що б там не сталося” (“Whatever happens there”) and it sees the Eurovision 2013 star hoping to be with her lover regardless of what events may have occurred: “Become my bird in the sky / Whatever happens there / We will find a house where I would be with you / I fell in love again”. Starting off softly and sensually, the ballad turns things up a gear during its final moments.

Soraya & Julian Poker – “Right in the Night”

Spanish singer Soraya continues her series of retro hits with the single “Right in the Night”. Once again collaborating with music producer Julian Poker, it’s a cover of the 1993 song originally released by German duo Jam & Spoon. Eurovision 2009 alumna Soraya and Julian Poker update the production but keep the 90’s Euro-dance feel. 

Sarit Hadad – “מי תאהב”

Sarit Hadad is taking a leaf out of Adele’s book for her new music video. Shot in a greyed-out filter, the Israeli singer leaves a house she used to share with her partner and drives off into the world with the rest of her belongings. However, unlike Adele, Sarit still wishes she could be together with her ex-lover. The Eurovision 2002 star questions who could love them as well as she did: “Who, who will love you stronger than me? / Who will hug you on nights that were ours? / Who, who stays there by your side every night? / You left me a sea of tears / And again you’re not here”.

Sofi Marinova & Silver – “Ако можеше”

Eurovision 2012 star Sofi Marinova has teamed up with fellow Bulgarian singer Silver for the new single “Ако можеше” (“If you could”). The music video opens up with some spoken-word questions, with a mysterious voice asking us whether we would hurt someone we love to benefit ourselves: “If you could, would you sacrifice me for us? / If you could, instead of you, it would hurt me”. Sofi and Silver then come in and plead with their lover to not throw away what they have for someone else: “Forget about everything / I know it hurts and you don’t say / Please tell / Are you throwing away your best friend?”. The ethno-pop song finally concludes with a 40-second instrumental.

Mumiy Troll & Danya Milokhin – “Башня”

Staying relevant for newer and younger audiences is always a big challenge for artists. But Mumiy Troll are continuing to do just that by collaborating with some of the biggest stars of the social media age. For the new pop-rock song “Башня” (“Tower”), Russia’s Eurovision 2001 band have teamed up with popular TikTok star Danya Milokhin. They play into the age difference for the music video, with Danya taking on the role of a young person who sneaks into the bedroom of Ilya Lagutenko’s daughter. Ilya, the lead singer of Mumiy Troll, proceeds to catch them in action … and let’s just say Danya won’t be making that mistake again.

Jill Johnson – Dear Havanna

Jill Johnson is reflecting on the exact same theme that Maraaya are, as her daughter Havanna has now flown the coop. Rather than bottle the feelings up, Sweden’s Eurovision 1998 representative has put all her thoughts down in the new album Dear Havanna. Whilst 92% of the LP is solo country material, the opening title track sees Johnson singing alongside her daughter Havanna. In a post on social media, the Eurovision alum commented about the album:

“Dear Havana, is a letter to my daughter. A mother’s reflections and feelings about a daughter’s liberation, with all that entails. I could never have imagined that such an emotional storm would land in a desire to write an album like this. Nor that Havana would absorb the music with such pride, love and courage.”

Kate Miller-Heidke & Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra – “The Healing Tree”

The Hush Foundation aims to create music that can bring a sense of calm and peace to patients in amongst the pressure and tension of undergoing health treatment. They’ve brought Australia’s Kate Miller-Heidke on board for the new song “The Healing Tree”. Recorded alongside the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, it’s an atmospheric piece that allows the Eurovision 2019 star’s vocals to float above a rich instrumental accompaniment.

Dmitry Koldun – “Читай между строчек”

Everything isn’t black and white. Sometimes you’ve got to “Читай между строчек” (“Read between the lines”). And that’s what Dmitry Koldun’s partner has told him to do. In the lyrics of his new song, Belarus’ Eurovision 2007 singer comes to the conclusion that there is still a love burning somewhere in amongst the words: “I saw exactly the truth between the lines / That you loved me / Read between the lines / You told me”. Musically, the song is rather moody and it feels as if a grey cloud is hanging over Koldun’s head. However, there’s still enough of a beat to sway along to in the chorus.

Izza – Thinking In The Dark

Since representing Germany at Eurovision 2017, Levina has rebranded as Izza. Now the star has released her first EP under this new name. It features seven songs, including singles from earlier this year, “Silence” and “That Song”. Thinking In The Dark is centred around indie-pop, with a number of mid-tempo offerings, but there’s also a couple of piano ballads thrown into the mix as well.

Roberto Bellarosa – “Le Remède”

Six years since we last had new music from him, Roberto Bellarosa is back with the single “Le Remède” (“The Cure”). Belgium’s Eurovision 2013 signer has written and composed the song entirely by himself. Roberto starts off accompanied by a guitar. Drums are then added in for the chorus and it gains a more rousing indie-rock feel to it.

K.D.S & Stabfinger (feat. Amina Annabi) – Al Bidaya

Eurovision 1991 runner-up Amina Annabi has regularly collaborated with music producers K.D.S and Stabfinger. The trio have previously put on live shows together, and now they’ve dropped the EP Al Bidaya (The Beginning). Amina brings her Tunisian heritage to the forefront and adds her vocals to the tribal feel of the production. Each of the three songs also comes with a remix, which add in more electronic and dance beats.

Oleksandr Ponomaryov & Mykhaylo Khoma – “Пазли”

If you’re a fan of something a bit more classical, then Oleksandr Ponomaryov’s new single may be one for you. Ukraine’s debut Eurovision entrant from 2003 has teamed up with Mykhailo Khoma, lead singer of the band DZIDZIO, for the song “Пазли” (“Puzzle”). The pair sing alongside a string quartet and a grand piano, with their vocals and the accompaniment building over the course of the song. Lyrically, Oleksandr and Mykhailo discuss how much they hold their loved one dear: “She and I are all the same / With such love, life is not enough / And only God could make puzzles like that / Fold so that nothing separates”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Monique and her song “Ne Kaledos be taves” (eng. It’s not Christmas without you)

Ben R
Ben R
2 years ago

How could you forget ‘Wild Christmas’ by Verka Serduchka?!

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2 years ago
Reply to  Ben R

Read the NOTE 😉

2 years ago

‘Right in the Night’ giving nice vintage vibez~

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2 years ago

I absolutely love the latest song of Mélovin “Cat and Drama” ? Its so powerful and full of emotions ????

2 years ago

The best track for me this week is the one by Kállay Saunders! Sounds like a perfect grown up RnB song to me. Other tracks I do like are the ones by Mengoni, Roxen and hey, of course the Kirkorov song too…

2 years ago

Absolutely love new MÉLOVIN single ?? Quite dark, dramatic track, beautiful strong lyrics.