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If superstition is to be believed, many say Bosnia & Herzegovina could be the winners of Eurovision 2018. Unfortunately, it looks like they won’t even be there in the first place. Former representative Dalal has hinted on Instagram that the country will not be making its return in Lisbon.

Dalal responded to our recent article about possible winners via her Instagram story. Over a picture of the article, Dalal simply writes: “Too bad we don’t have representatives in 2018”.

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There’s no official confirmation as to whether Bosnia is in or out just yet. A return would be unlikely, though — and it all comes down to money. Bosnia did not participate in 2014 or 2015 due to national broadcaster BHRT’s poor financial status.

In a wiwibloggs interview with Dalal, Deen and Ana Rucner — 3/4ths of the country’s 2016 act — the trio cast doubt on any future return.

Deen said: “They didn’t have a lot of money. It’s a very hard situation for the national broadcasting service and because of that, it is very questionable whether there’ll be any Eurovision Song Contest anymore in the future.”

Watch: Ana Rucner, Deen & Dalal discuss Bonsia & Herzegovina’s Eurovision future

Indeed, in September 2016, Bosnia confirmed they would not participate in Kyiv for financial reasons. At the time, head of delegation Lejla Babovic explained:

“In our present situation it would be highly irresponsible to submit an application for competing in such an expensive project as Eurovision Song Contest is, when we at the same time are aware, that we won’t be able to finance our participation.”

The broadcaster struggles to enforce the monthly TV licence, compounding its financial issues. We can hold out hope, but it seems unlikely!

Bosnia & Herzegovina’s best ever result was third place in 2006, with Hari Mata Hari’s “Lejla”. In 2016, Deen, Dalal, Ana Rucner & Jala were the country’s last act to participate. “Ljubav Je” became the country’s first song to fail to make it to the final, finishing 11th in its semi final.

Are you sad to hear the news that Bosnia is looking likely to be out of Eurovision 2018? If they were to compete, who would you like to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Shame. Bosnia & Herzegovina send some incredible masterpieces (like in 2012, 2011, 2009, 2007 and 2006). But there’s always hope, even if it looks like we have to keep them up for 2019 already…


They wont compete, because Bosnia support Turkey(both don t participate from 2013) Bosnia only participate in 2016 because television didn t pay anything and because they think they would have good result with stage performance (tribute for milions of refugues from many arabic and muslim coutnires Syria, Iraq, Avganitan, Lybia…)


I love Bosnian entries, especially by those of Dino Merlin. It is sad that they are not coming back, for me a big loss for Esc


This is sad news.
It’s a shame some countries can’t participate due to financial issues, basically because they’re not rich enough as other countries.

I ‘ve always liked, more or less, the entries from countries of former Yugoslavia (Serbia, B & H, Croatia etc).

Hope Bosnia & Herzegovina comes back soon!


It wasn’t that surprising. Lejla said the same thing last week. The broadcaster is still in a crisis. People refuse to pay the licence fee and that leads to less money. Meaning no Eurovision.


A shame because they had a lot of great entries and with no Turkey or Lebanon, they were our last chance to hear Turkish/Arabic inspired folk songs, even if those influences were slight.

At least it looks like Croatia will be back though. Although I suspect Bosnia’s non participation might be due to their non qualification in 2016. HRT had money problems but since Nina made the final, rare for a Croatian act in this century, they returned.


She helped them find their lighthouse


Why EBU does not help… they used to help poor countries, until Australia came.


Bosnians shouldn’t be left out! 🙁