Deban: Ok…the Swiss get it. No one is really putting their ‘ALL’ into this rehearsal, and that’s the way it should be. This is simply a sound and visual check and I’ll judge it on that basis.

The brothers move and work the stage, but the bass guitar girl on the left remains stationary. Why even have her there? The lighting also needs to be tidied up a bit, and Sinplus need to avoid the raising of instruments at the end. Totally unnecessary!

Wiwi: It’s pretty obvious that Ivan and Gabriel are not giving their all during this rehearsal. Fair enough. They need to have voices by the time the first semi-final rolls around on May 22! But at least the brothers were kind enough to apply buckets of gel to their hair. Younger brother Ivan is looking seriously hot with his mohawk. Mmm hmmm. Earlier in the year the guys promised to “stay true to their music,” and avoid a total freak show on stage. They’ve done that. This is just how you should stage a rock song at Eurovision. Plenty of flashing lights, but nothing too over-the-top.


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10 years ago

I like these guys and their song. I hope they make it to the final. Somehow their song reminds me of Bono/U2…Not sure why.