Pastora Soler, Spain’s 2012 Eurovision singer, is hitting the small screen as the host of a new Spanish children’s show, Se llama copla juniorThe large-scale talent show will see children aged 10-16 battling it out to become…well, the next Pastora Soler!

The “Quadate Conmigo” singer broke the news on Twitter on June 27:


Besides wrangling the kiddies, Pastora will resume the Spanish tour that  she had to cancel earlier this year after a frightening collapse on stage. This upswing in Pastora action follows her recent comeback with the hot single ViveThat number proved there is a lot more to Pastora than the power ballad.

Pastora represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan, and placed 10th with 97 points. It was widely reported that the Spanish government begged her not to win because it could not afford to host the 2013 contest.

You can see her amazing performance below:

So what do you think? Will Pastora be able to find Spain’s next teenage superstar?

Photo: (EBU)

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6 years ago

No solo lograra encontrar talentos en el mundo de la copla,esta mujer es tan generosa que da oportunidad a cantantes y artistas nuevos.Ya lo hizo con un concursante en el numero uno antena 3 tv,le hace el solo de violin en VIVE.

6 years ago

“…children aged 10-16” It should be 10-15.